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The Fort Collins semi-truck accident attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC, are accepting new cases. If you’re hurt in a truck accident, you may deserve financial compensation. The first offer you receive from the truck operator or their insurance company may not be the full amount you’re entitled to under Colorado law.
We are the Colorado semi-truck accident attorneys who go the extra mile to make sure that you receive justice. Contact our Fort Collins legal experts today at (970) 222-2222 for your free consultation.

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There’s no cost to meet with our Fort Collins truck accident attorneys for your free consultation. You have nothing to lose by meeting with our friendly team. The entire consultation is confidential, and there’s no obligation. We represent clients with no money down and no fee unless you collect.
Justice is our passion. We believe that we perform a valuable service by fighting for the rights of Fort Collins semi-truck accident victims. Call us at (970) 222-2222 or use our messaging option today to get started.


From the first time you meet with us until you have a check in your hands, our Fort Collins Truck Accident attorneys go the extra mile to make your case a success. Just like no two cases are exactly the same, no two clients are identical, either. With a firm foundation in truck accident law and years of experience in the courtroom, we employ a finely-tuned legal strategy to maximize compensation for each of our clients.
Here are the ways that our truck accident lawyers help you:

  • Estimating the value of your case, including categories of compensation you may not be aware of, like lost income and pain and suffering
  • Investigation to determine who is legally responsible for your accident, including an evaluation of the trucking company and the company shipping the goods
  • Upfront information about what’s involved in the legal process and what you need to do to win compensation
  • Speaking on your behalf to the other party, any involved insurance companies and in court
  • Building the evidence through expert evaluations, witness questioning and evidence examination
  • Aggressive representation if you choose to take your case to trial
  • Skilled settlement negotiations that work productively towards the best resolution of the case
  • Constant communication with you throughout the case
  • Compassionate, thoughtful representation that’s tailored to your legal needs

Our legal team is 32 lawyers strong. We also have 100 support personnel who work closely with our licensed attorneys to move your case along quickly and provide you with the ongoing communication that you deserve throughout your case. Ultimately, we want you to receive the most compensation possible and to know that the legal system worked for you.


We’ve won millions of dollars for our clients, and our verdicts represent thousands of cases. Our clients’ concerns are deeply important to us, so we always take the time to focus on providing support and clear communication.
Here are some reasons we provide the best truck accident legal representation in Fort Collins:

  • Our leaders, J. Kyle Bachus and Darin Schanker, personally oversee each case. They ensure that you have the right legal team for the unique issues presented in your case
  • Our founders are 10-year rated by Super Lawyers
  • The National Trial Lawyers recognizes us as a Top 100 Trial Lawyers firm
  • We maintain the coveted Martindale-Hubbel AV Preeminent rating
  • Because we’re so committed to helping accident victims, we’ve testified before the Colorado legislature and met with members of the United States Congress to advocate for victim’s rights

Awards and accolades tell the stories of the thousands of satisfied clients that we’ve represented over the years. In total, we’ve won millions of dollars in verdicts for our clients.


The legal standard for semi-truck accident legal liability is a failure to exercise reasonable care, or negligence. If you were injured in a semi-truck accident, here are a few examples of ways that you may have a truck accident claim:

  • The truck driver commits a traffic violation in a way that causes a crash. Examples may be excessive speed, improper lane change, tailgating and failing to observe a traffic signal
  • The trucking company fails to adequately screen employees to ensure their qualifications
  • A driver operates their vehicle negligently. Despite prior incidents, the trucking company keeps them on staff
  • The driver consumes alcohol or drugs before operating the vehicle
  • Poor maintenance results in a failure of the truck mechanics that causes an accident
  • An insecure load inside the truck pushes it off balance

As you can see, there are many different ways that another party may be at fault for the truck accident. It’s okay if you don’t even know what caused the truck accident right now. Our team conducts a thorough investigation to determine where liability lies and what your options are. Then, we set to work to bring your case on your behalf.


Colorado laws say that you can claim compensation for all of the ways the accident changes your life. The amount that you get depends on a number of factors. Most importantly, it depends on how severe the accident is and what your injuries are. Economic damages like medical bills, lost income and damage to your vehicle are all a critical part of the claim.
However, the compensation that you can get for a truck accident includes non-tangible losses, too. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, you know that you have physical pain, emotional damages and mental anguish. These injuries are very real. They deserve compensation, too. With our legal experience, we can appropriately value these injuries and work towards earning you complete compensation that includes all of your losses, such as:

  • Medical bills for the entire duration of your treatment
  • Ambulance transfer and EMT care
  • Full diagnostic costs including emergency room treatment
  • Physical therapy and long-term rehabilitation needs
  • Psychological care, post-traumatic stress care
  • Damage to your vehicle; costs of replacement or repairs
  • Damages to the property in your vehicle
  • Pain and suffering, emotional trauma, limits to your lifestyle because of injuries
  • Inability to work and lost income
  • Any other kind of tangible or intangible losses


$15 Million

$7 Million
Auto Accident

$1.8 Million
Slip and Fall

$4.7 Million
Truck Accident

$2.1 Million
Auto Accident

$3.75 Million
Insurance Bad Faith

$3.75 Million
Auto Accident Death

$11.5 Million
Auto Accident

$3 Million
Slip and Fall

$3.75 Million
Truck Accident

$4.6 Million
Slip and Fall

$1.2 Million
Slip and Fall


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