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Have you lost a loved one in an unexpected accident? Losing someone you care about so suddenly can be devastating for you and your family. Let the Fort Collins wrongful death attorneys at Bachus & Shanker, LLC, help you take the next steps. We want to ease the burden of your loss by legally advocating for you and ensuring you get the financial relief you need.

As you grieve the loss of your loved one, it can be an overwhelming time. You may want to hold wrongdoers accountable for the events that lead to the accident. However, you don’t have to go it alone. Our Fort Collins wrongful death lawyers are here to help with compassionate and determined legal representation.


Our Fort Collins Wrongful Death Lawyers Are Here For You

A wrongful death accident can leave you feeling lost, angry, and frustrated. We understand that this is a difficult time. On top of everything, you may be facing outstanding final medical expenses and funeral costs. Your loved one may have been the provider for the family. There may be children that depended on your loved one for support and guidance. This is why it’s our goal to be your lifeline in fighting for fair financial compensation. 

All of these losses are things that you can claim in a wrongful death case. Our attorneys are here for you. By representing families and aggressively asserting their legal rights, we hope to alleviate some of the stress and pain following an unexpected death. We take our duties seriously, and we care about making a difference for the clients we serve. We invite you to meet

No-Obligation Consultations with Our Fort Collins Wrongful Death Attorneys

Our Fort Collins wrongful death attorneys offer free and confidential consultations for anyone who wants to learn more about their rights. Meet with us so that we can get to know you and explore your options. When you’re not sure where to turn, our doors are always open. Call or use the messaging feature to reach out today.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim in Colorado?

wrongful death claim is a civil claim brought against an individual or corporation to recover damages for a death caused by negligence. To prove a wrongful death claim, you do not have to show that someone purposefully hurt your loved one. Instead, you only have to show that the accident occurred because of negligence, which is a lower legal standard than intentional conduct. You only need to prove the case by a preponderance of the evidence.

Here are the elements involved in establishing a wrongful death claim:

  1. Duty – Show that the responsible party had an obligation of care towards the victim
  2. Breach of duty – Identify how the defendant failed to act in a reasonable and cautious manner
  3. Causation – The breach of duty caused an accident
  4. Damages – A wrongful death occurred because of the accident

Wrongful death claims are complex, and there are many possible paths to financial recovery. Our Fort Collins wrongful death attorneys can help you understand the legal standards and whether you have a wrongful death claim. Our team looks at all options that may be available to your benefit. Let us investigate your case for all ways that you may seek justice on behalf of your loved one.

As your Englewood auto accident attorneys, we explore all avenues for compensation, including the responsible party’s insurance company, an employer they may have been working for, and even your own insurance company.

Types of compensation that you can win in an auto accident case include:

  • Ambulance transport costs
  • Medical bills immediately after the accident, to stabilize you and begin recovery
  • Additional medical appointments to continue your treatment
  • Treatment for broken bones as well as soft-tissue injuries like whiplash and bruising
  • Long-term costs for medical needs
  • Pain and suffering, mental suffering, and emotional anguish
  • Damage to your vehicle

An auto accident may result in lifelong consequences. Let our team fully value your losses now and in the future and determine the amount that you can claim in your case. As experienced lawyers in Englewood, CO, we explore all monetary compensation categories that may be possible for you. Then, we take the right steps to get the maximum compensation for your car accident injuries and suffering.

What Types of Accidents Could Result in a Wrongful Death Case?

Some examples of a wrongful death case could involve deaths that resulted from the following accidents:

  • Car accidents
  • Work accidents/On-the-job accidents
  • Trucking crashes
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Birth injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip and falls
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Dog bites/Animal attacks
  • Intentional harm to someone else
  • Reckless driving/Drunk driving
  • Defective Products
  • A large team of attorneys and paralegal professionals to meet your needs. Whatever is necessary for success in your case, we’re prepared for the challenge
  • Get to know and communicate with the lawyers who personally work on your case
  • Our founding partners oversee your case. They’ve carefully developed a law firm that focuses on success for accident victims
  • Recognition from 5280 Magazine for Kyle Bachus on the Top Lawyers List
  • Named by the American Trial Lawyers Association to the top 100 lawyers in Colorado
  • Named the top one percent of attorneys by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel
  • We can represent you at no cost to you unless you win. Let us explain how our fee agreements work and how we can start your case with no money down
  • We understand that an auto accident case is a serious and sensitive matter. We represent you with compassion and respect for attorney-client privilege

We invite you to meet with our Fort Collins car accident attorneys for a free consultation. We offer evening and weekend appointments, and we can even come to you if you’re unable to make it to the office. Let’s discuss how our team can help you after a car accident.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Wrongful Death Case?

In a Fort Collins wrongful death case, you may recover compensatory damages for several reasons, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Burial expenses
  • Grief and mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium (companionship)
  • Lost financial support

In some cases, you may seek punitive damages as well. These are intended to punish the person who inflicted the loss because they acted recklessly or intentionally. However, this is not common because the circumstances under which you can recover are limited.

How Can a Fort Collins Wrongful Death Attorney Help Me?

We know there is little we can do to ease your pain after the sudden death of a loved one. Still, we can offer our legal expertise and advocacy to help you get justice on behalf of your family member. Here’s how we can help:

  • Investigating what caused the accident
  • Comparison of the facts of the case to the laws and determination of legal fault
  • Exploring multiple avenues for the victims to receive fair compensation including all parties that may be liable for the accident
  • The pursuit of evidence that can prove the facts of the case
  • Legal document preparation using the rules of civil procedure
  • Development of your case strategy using our experience in courts throughout Colorado
  • Use of our training to identify what your case may be worth and how to receive the maximum amount
  • Following all of the legal steps to win the payment that you deserve
  • Negotiations with the parties and their insurance companies – you don’t have to talk directly to the other parties
  • Expert advice about whether a settlement offer is in your best interests
  • Speaking at court hearings; questioning witnesses, making arguments to the judge

Our Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys offer full legal representation. From the moment we take your case, we will do everything we can to help you and your family find closure by holding the responsible party accountable.

Our attorneys practice in courts throughout Colorado, and we understand the local procedures in each court. When you work with the Englewood auto accident lawyers, you can feel confident knowing that you have experience on your side. See why we’re the local car accident attorneys that will make the difference by scheduling your free consultation today.

Why Choose the Bachus & Schanker Fort Collins Wrongful Death Attorneys?

When you need the best Fort Collins wrongful death attorneys for your case, consider the Bachus & Schanker legal team. Here are some of the highlights that set our team of attorneys and paralegals apart:

  • A comprehensive legal team so that we have the right people for your unique needs
  • A kind and compassionate representation that puts you and your family first
  • A law firm focused on personal injury cases, including wrongful death cases, so that we have thorough experience in the area of law you need
  • Our law firm founders, Kyle Bachus and Darin Schanker personally know and oversee your case
  • Super Lawyers have honored both of our founding partners for ten years for outstanding work for our clients
  • Kyle Bachus has a Lead Counsel Rating for Personal Injury Law, Plaintiff
  • The top-ranking from the Colorado Better Business Bureau
  • Availability to speak with us at all times throughout the case, including by phone and email as you prefer
  • Aggressive representation throughout your case

We believe outstanding legal representation takes skill and compassion. A wrongful death accident is a horrible event that changes an entire family in an instant. We know that you need lawyers who will relentlessly pursue your claim until you have justice. We’re prepared to do what it takes for you to have the results that you deserve. We invite you to meet with us and learn what we can do to help you.


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