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A slip and fall case is a demand for compensation based on Colorado law. It occurs after someone gets hurt in a slip and fall accident. When you’re hurt because of the negligent actions of another party, you may claim monetary compensation to pay you fairly for your losses and compensate you for being an accident victim. A slip and fall case can provide much needed financial relief for an accident victim.

You have a case if someone else causes your slip and fall accident. The responsible party must have done something unreasonable or failed to act as a reasonable person, which resulted in your injury. The unreasonable action is usually a dangerous condition that exists on the property.
Here are some ways that you may have a slip and fall case in the State of Colorado:

  • Tripping over uneven sidewalks
  • Something was left in your path, like debris, equipment or products
  • A spill that is left on the floor for too long
  • Slippery surfaces that aren’t treated properly
  • Broken hand railings or stairs that don’t have enough traction
  • Falling from an elevated height because of inadequate railings
  • Injuries that occur because of bad lighting
  • Falls that happen because of large crowds
  • Elevated structures, such as bleachers, that are not secure

Whether or not you have a slip and fall case is not how it occurs, but why it occurs. If the property owner doesn’t take enough care to prevent dangers on their property, a fall can result. Any kind of property can be the subject of a slip and fall case.
However, if the property is a business, the legal standards that apply are very high. Business owners must exercise the highest duty of care to maintain safe conditions for their customers. When a slip and fall occurs because of a dangerous situation, you may have a slip and fall case.

Our Fort Collins slip and fall attorneys take the necessary steps for you to receive compensation for your slip and fall case. We have experience working with slip and fall victims and know exactly what needs to be done to win your case. With each step, we carry out our legal strategy to ensure that you get the most compensation possible.
The steps that our slip and fall attorneys may take in your case include:

  • Investigating your case
  • Preserving evidence at the accident scene; identifying witnesses
  • Filing legal paperwork; preparing motions and court orders as needed
  • Developing and executing a legal strategy that’s based on our training and experience
  • Settlement negotiations that reflect the real value of your case
  • Trial presentation if you choose to have a trial
  • Collection of judgment; appeals if necessary
  • Communication with you throughout the case
  • Answers to all your legal questions throughout the process
  • Kind, compassionate and enthusiastic representation

To win compensation for a slip and fall case, many things need to happen. Because we are a full-service law firm, we represent you in all of the necessary tasks to win your case. We know that your goal is to get the most compensation, but the law can be complex. That’s why we’re here to handle the legal system on your behalf so that you can get the payment that you deserve without the stress.

When you’re looking for the #1 Fort Collins slip and fall attorneys, we believe that the Bachus & Schanker, LLC law firm stands apart. Our legal strategy is twofold:
First, we have a carefully chosen team of expertly trained legal specialists. We focus exclusively on Colorado personal injury law so that we’re the most seasoned professionals for whatever issues may arise in your case.
Second, we make sure to represent the individual. We know that you’re so much more than a case number. Your representation is tailored to your individual needs and goals so that you get the best representation possible.

The compensation that you can win in a slip and fall case may include any of the following:

  • Emergency medical bills, urgent care bills
  • Surgery, diagnostic testing, blood work, x-rays
  • Mobility aids like wheelchairs, scooters and more
  • Counseling for mental health injuries like PTSD and anxiety
  • Reimbursement for missed work
  • Compensation for long-term career changes because of injury
  • Pain and suffering

Many slip and fall accident victims underestimate the value of their case. You can claim compensation for whatever losses you have. Our attorneys will ensure that you don’t miss out on compensation that is appropriate for you. We provide accurate information about what your case is worth and why. Then, we work for you to win the full compensation that you’re owed under Colorado law.


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Slip and Fall

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