Poor medical care and medical mistakes hurt thousands of people each year. When you need a law firm to help you claim compensation after suffering injuries due to medical negligence or malpractice, the experienced attorneys at Bachus & Schanker are here for you.

If you have been the victim of medical negligence or are unsure if you have a case, we invite you to contact our Colorado medical attorneys. Let’s talk about your case and how we can help you receive financial compensation.

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Our COLORADO Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help You Understand Your Rights

We founded our law firm on the belief that you deserve justice. We’ve built the team and the resources to help when you have needlessly suffered because of poor medical care. Justice is our passion, and we’re here to work for fair compensation for you.

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence is healthcare that doesn’t meet minimum standards. It occurs when patients don’t receive the care they should receive compared to a reasonable healthcare provider.

Medical negligence can happen because someone makes an error or fails to take necessary action under the circumstances. It does NOT have to be intentional. Negligence is not purposeful conduct. It is a lack of adequate skill or care based on reasonable standards.

If you or a loved one was injured due to a healthcare professional’s poor decision, you may deserve compensation for your damages and suffering. Let our team of skilled attorneys in Denver help you get justice.

Types of Medical Malpractice and Negligence

Some things that qualify as medical negligence include:

  • Failure to diagnose – A reasonable medical care provider recognizes signs and symptoms and orders the appropriate tests.
  • Wrong diagnosis – When a doctor makes the wrong diagnosis, it can prevent the patient from receiving the care they need.
  • Medical error – Operating on the wrong body part or leaving medical devices in the body are examples of medically negligent errors.
  • Chart mix-ups – Confusing patient charts can lead to catastrophic consequences.
  • Failing to inform – A patient has the right to know the risks, side effects, and possible outcomes of a procedure to knowingly consent to care.
  • Surgical injury – The doctor should have the needed skill to perform a surgical procedure.
  • Ignoring complications – Healthcare providers should be trained to identify and respond to various complications that may arise during the course of treatment.
  • Emergency room – Failing to respond in a timely manner and provide lifesaving treatment can result in avoidable harm.
  • Birth injury – Many kinds of birth injuries are preventable with monitoring and response to signs of distress.
  • Lack of training – Healthcare professionals must educate a patient on how to care for themselves and monitor their symptoms after they leave treatment,
  • Inattention – Care providers must use reasonable attention in every aspect of their work. A lack of care, trying to work too fast, or inattention can amount to medical negligence

How Do You Prove Medical Malpractice?

To prove medical malpractice, you answer two questions:

  • What is the minimum standard of adequate care in a situation like this?
  • How did the care that the patient received fall short of that standard?

Medical malpractice is based on a reasonable standard of care. The healthcare given doesn’t have to be perfect—but it must be adequate.

The healthcare provider can’t guarantee a good result from treatment, but they are responsible for providing a basic level of healthcare. The care they must give depends on their medical training, the prevailing professional standard, and the norm for treatment in that situation.

Proving medical malpractice requires demonstrating both the facts of the specific case and the professional standard that should have prevailed. Our team works to prove all the elements of medical malpractice using comprehensive evidence, including complete medical records and expert witnesses.

What Are the Types of Damages You Can Recover in a Medical Malpractice Case?

In a medical malpractice case, victims may qualify to recover:

  • The cost of medical treatment for new injuries
  • Prolonged medical treatment because you didn’t get needed treatment in the first place
  • Nursing care, hospital stays
  • Costs for recognizing and diagnosing injuries
  • Inability to work, lost income, and career
  • The cost of caring for family and expenses for household services
  • Disfigurement, permanent disability
  • Mental anguish, pain and suffering, emotional anguish
  • Wrongful death compensation

You may claim compensation for your financial losses and pain and suffering. Colorado law imposes a compensation limit for non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and other non-economic losses. Our Colorado medical malpractice lawyers will help you understand what you may receive in compensation.

When Should You File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in Colorado?

You should file a medical malpractice lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires. Colorado law imposes concise time deadlines to file a claim. You have until the very last day the deadline expires to formally start your case. It takes time to gather medical evidence and file legal documents, so don’t wait to contact a lawyer for your medical malpractice claim.

Colorado’s general statute of limitations for medical malpractice is two years (CRS § 13-80-102.51). However, some circumstances extend the deadline. When the claim involves a government agency, CRS § 24-10-1092 gives you only 180 days to submit a claim notice. Our law firm can work quickly and thoroughly to file your medical malpractice lawsuit to get you the support you need now.

Why Work With Bachus & Schanker?

The Colorado medical malpractice attorneys at Bachus & Schanker are a skilled and experienced legal team. We’re dedicated to representing only victims and their families. Our focus on personal injury claims, including medical malpractice, gives us the knowledge and experience to dig further into medical evidence, thoroughly understand what it takes to make a claim successful, and continue to fight until you have justice.

We’ve purposefully built a law firm that helps victims who need and deserve professional, caring, and determined legal representation to hold the wrongdoer accountable. That’s what the Bachus & Schanker legal team promises to you.

Free Consultation With Our Medical Malpractice Law Firm

Your case begins with a free consultation with our legal team, which includes experienced medical malpractice law attorneys. Short deadlines may apply, so don’t wait to contact us about your potential case. We are conveniently located at 5 Colorado locations near you in DenverFort CollinsColorado Springs, Aurora, and Englewood. Our attorneys are ready to serve you and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Our Denver medical lawyers have years of experience in malpractice cases and will get you maximum compensation. Contact our team today for a free case evaluation to see how we can help you rebuild your life after suffering from medical negligence or malpractice.


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