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Being the victim of a dog attack can be a traumatic experience. That’s why our Fort Collins dog bite attorneys are dedicated to helping people hurt by a dog. When you’re bitten by a dog, you may have the right to claim financial compensation. However, knowing what you can claim and how to claim it can be a confusing task. The Fort Collins dog bite attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC, fight each day for victims of accidents, including dog bites, and are ready to fight for you.

If you’ve suffered a dog bite in Fort Collins, call us at (970) 222-2222 today to talk about your case. Our Fort Collins personal injury attorneys offer free and confidential consultations.

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Are you the victim of a dog bite? Don’t suffer twice! Bring a legal claim for compensation and hold the responsible party accountable. Call our Fort Collins dog bite attorneys today for your free consultation. See what your case might be worth, and learn about what’s involved in bringing a claim. Contact us to get started.

You don’t have to go it alone after you suffer a dog attack. Here is how our Fort Collins dog bite attorneys can help you after a dog bite:

  • Examining whether you have a case
  • Helping you understand Colorado’s laws for dog bites – There are two sets of laws that may apply!
  • Gathering the evidence for what the case is worth
  • Pursuing the case in the best possible way; exploring all paths to getting you the compensation that you deserve
  • Speaking to the other party, their insurance company and the court on your behalf
  • Negotiation of your settlement amount
  • Presentation of your case at trial if you choose to have a trial
  • Experienced guidance to move the case forward efficiently while still working to maximize your compensation
  • Handling the legal claim while you focus on your recovery

Any dog bite can leave injuries. Some bites leave severe, permanently life-changing damage. Whether your claim is large or small, we care about all victims. Let us advocate for you and work towards justice in your case.

The laws for dog bites in Fort Collins are Colorado Law CRS 13-21-124 and Colorado common law.

Colorado dog bite law 13-21-124 says:

  • A dog owner has strict liability when their dog bites someone who is lawfully on public or private property
  • Not knowing that the dog is dangerous is not a defense
  • The dog not having a bite history is not a defense
  • Serious bodily injury is required to recover under the statute; claims with minor or moderate injuries may be pursued under a common law negligence action
  • There is no liability if the dog owner posts a warning sign
  • Police and military dogs don’t fall under this law if they’re performing their duties
  • Provocation is a defense
  • This law does not apply if the dog is working as a herding dog or controlling predators on their owner’s farm
  • The law allows for only economic damages; however, pain and suffering may be available under Colorado negligence common law for dog bites

Colorado negligence common law for dog bites states:

  • Dog owners have a duty of care to protect those around them
  • An owner who doesn’t exercise sufficient care may be liable to victims
  • What amounts to sufficient care varies from case to case
  • The victim must prove that they have damages and must show the exact amount of their damages
  • Pain and suffering is available under Colorado negligence common laws

Our attorneys for dog bites in Fort Collins help you understand which legal theories apply to you. If you have grounds to bring a claim under both the statute and the common law, it’s essential to include both sets of laws in your claim for compensation. If there’s a reason that one of the laws doesn’t apply to you, our team helps you understand why. It’s always our goal to thoroughly investigate your rights and all of the potential paths to compensation for you.

A personal injury lawyer handles dog bites. A dog bite is a kind of personal injury, so a plaintiff brings a civil case. The case is based on the fact that the defendant is responsible for the dog bite. A personal injury lawyer specializes in bringing civil claims on behalf of accident victims, including dog bite victims. They can help a victim assert a claim because of economic losses and pain and suffering that result from a dog attack.

When you’re looking for the best dog bite attorney near you, we invite you to meet with our Fort Collins personal injury lawyers. Here are just some of the reasons that our team stands apart:

  • We focus on helping only accident victims. That means our team has experience day in and day out, doing all the things needed to find success for our clients.
  • Our founding partners, Kyle Bachus and Darin Schanker, carefully choose each team member for their skill and dedication in helping accident victims. We believe that we’re community partners who help our neighbors get the justice they need.
  • We’ve won awards and top ratings from organizations like Super Lawyers and Martindale-Hubbell. However, these awards are just a reflection of the success we’ve had for our clients.
  • Thorough knowledge of Colorado dog bite laws is essential; that’s why we know the laws and study the little details that can make a big difference in your case.
  • Your initial consultation is always free. There’s no obligation.
  • It’s our goal for you to be comfortable and confident with the services that we provide. That’s why you can expect to know your attorneys on a first-name basis. You can call or message us whenever you have a question or you want to talk about your case.
  • Our law firm uses transparent, easy-to-understand fee agreements. Ask how we can represent you with no fee upfront and no cost unless you win your case. That’s how confident we are in what we do, and it’s our commitment to helping you when you need us most.


“My lawyer was amazing, he answered any and all questions I had and he was very persistent on the workers comp claim. It took a year but it was well worth it in the end. I have recommended them to a couple people about different claims they may have. Thank you all for everything. God speed” – Karmyn A 5/5 Stars

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