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Bachus & Schanker Wins – Over $1 Billion Recovered

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*Names have been changed to protect the individuals’ identities.
Below is a sampling of Bachus & Schanker, LLC case results from different practice areas in our firm. Names of the parties have been changed to protect individuals’ identities. Please click on the link at the bottom of each section to read the full case story.


Bachus & Schanker, LLC recently obtained a $3.5 million judgment for their client, John R.
John R., who is a residential electrician, suffered substantial injuries to his back when he fell ten feet from the top of a 12 foot tri-pod electrician ladder while he was working on a light fixture at a restaurant. The ladder had been defectively manufactured by Red Top Ladder, Inc.


A Denver jury ordered a man with more than 10 prior traffic collisions to pay the family of a couple that he killed approximately $3.2 million.

18-year-old Angela was a passenger in her friend’s car. The two were driving on Colorado Highway 160 approaching the intersection of Colorado Highway 160 and County Road 700 East Junction. At the same time, Chris, who was driving a pickup truck owned by his employer was driving toward the two girls from the opposite direction. Chris claims that he had a coughing fit which caused him to cross the centerline and crash into the car with Angela and her friend. The collision caused the car Angela was in to spin around and land in a ditch. The two girls were killed in the collision.


Bachus & Schanker, LLC client Kelly’s home burned to the ground. Kelly, a 71-year-old quadriplegic, had previously used her life savings to build a home equipped with numerous custom modifications to allow her to function independently in her home. She had heated floors to make sure her lower body stayed warm; special buttons to open and close windows and blinds; a specially designed kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom; and many other items. She even had a wheelchair-accessible deck built around the entire outside of her home so she could spend time outside. These small luxuries were important because Kelly’s severe physical limitations prevented her from leaving her home but for a few times each year. Kelly was Compensated $3.5 Million By State Farm in the Insurance Bad Faith Dispute.


Lisa was driving to work, headed south on Highway 85 during rush hour traffic, when a drunk driver, who was driving west on 136th Avenue at about 60 mph, ran a red light at the intersection of 136th Avenue and Highway 85, crashed into Lisa’s car causing devastating injuries to Lisa. She was awarded $2.1 million for injuries sustain in this accident caused by a drunk driver.


28-year-old Susan was driving her 1993 Saturn to work on East Sand Creek Drive in Commerce City, Colorado, when a semi-truck coming toward Susan from the opposite direction crossed over the center line of the two-lane street and crashed head-on into Susan. Susan’s legs were pinned under the steering column and dashboard and it was nearly an hour before Susan was able to be removed from her car. As a result of this collision, both of Susan’s legs were broken, her left ankle was fractured, and her right elbow was fractured. Susan was hospitalized for nearly two months (a total of 54 days) as a result of her injuries suffered in the accident of April 2, 1999. She underwent five surgeries and significant rehabilitation. She gradually learned to walk again and was compensated $1.85 million for injuries and emotional damage.


Christy was riding her bicycle on the far right side of the far right lane on a residential parkway. A collision occurred when Mr. F., who was driving at an excessive rate of speed in the left hand lane, attempted an illegal lane change before determining whether the right hand lane was clear of traffic. Mr. F. over-steered his speeding automobile into the right hand lane occupied by Christy, where he struck the rear end of Christy’s bicycle. Christy suffered catastrophic injuries and incurred more than $370,000 in medical expenses. She was awarded $1.74 Million for injuries suffered in the collision.


Our client Wes was compensated $1.5 million for injuries suffered in an motorcycle accident. Wes was driving his soft-tail Harley Davidson motorcycle north on Youngfield Street in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Lucy was riding as a passenger on the back of Wes’s motorcycle. At the same time, RA was driving his car, a Toyota Camry, out of a driveway trying to turn left to go south on Youngfield Street. RA failed to look and yield the right of way to Wes, and RA turned left directly in front of Wes causing a collision with Wes’s motorcycle. As a result of the collision, Wes and Lucy suffered massive injuries resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills for each of them.

Scott was the driver of a 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit motorcycle, traveling westbound on Colorado 6 at the intersection of Arrow Grass Road. A 17-year-old was driving a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee south on Arrow Grass Road and had stopped at the stop sign at Colorado 6. The 17-year-old failed to keep a proper lookout and entered the intersection in front of Scott, causing a serious collision. Scott skidded nearly 100 feet and the motorcycle rolled before it collided with the left side of the 17-year-old’s Jeep. An accident investigation specialist on-scene noted that Scott’s motorcycle was traveling between 35 to 40 miles per hour at the time of the collision. He noted that Scott likely hit his head on the ground as his motorcycle rolled causing a serious closed head injury, and his ankle was badly fractured by the impact with the Jeep. He was awarded a confidential settlement for injuries and damages suffered.


John was traveling southbound on Colorado 285 in the left lane near Wadsworth Boulevard. For unknown reasons, Tim, another driver traveling in the lane next to John, swerved into John’s lane and side-swiped his car. Tim, who smelled of alcohol at the time of the collision, was uninsured. Additionally, Tim fled the scene of the collision before the police arrived. After the police arrived and conducted their investigation, John went immediately to the emergency room with rib fractures and back pain. John ultimately had to have two surgeries to repair torn discs in his back. He was awarded more than $1 million for his injuries and damages suffered.


36 year-old Patricia, who was 19 weeks pregnant, felt her water break and started to go into premature labor. Patricia, a divorced mother of two children ages 14 and 8, was pregnant with her third child with her long-time partner Brent. Patricia was rushed to the emergency room where she was initially admitted for observation and given IV antibiotics to ward off potential infection and try to delay any premature labor. Unfortunately Patricia’s health insurance plan refused to allow Patricia to continue treatment at this hospital, and she was instructed to go to a different hospital to continue her treatment. During her transfer, at the direction of the obstetrician at the new hospital antibiotics were stopped. Patricia was not admitted to the new hospital, however she was observed for 23 hours. During this time, despite worsening symptoms including migraine headaches, nausea, and vomiting, antibiotics were never given. Patricia was discharged home on February 20 with instructions to call the doctor if she developed a fever, bleeding, chills, cramping or contractions. Patricia ultimately died as a result of the bacterial infection. On behalf of Patricia’s children, Bachus & Schanker, LLC retained numerous national experts to testify that the doctor and resident at the hospital acted below the standard of care in their treatment of Patricia. The case was settled for a confidential amount.


ason was slowed to a stop in construction-zone traffic on C-470, when another driver, who was driving a commercial business van, with marijuana in his system, failed to notice the stopped traffic and slammed into the rear of Jason’s car. The collision occurred in the middle of a large construction zone in which numerous roadway signs warned drivers of the construction. The at-fault driver failed to pay attention to these signs as he sped through the construction zone. As a result of his high rate of speed, he was unable to stop in time when traffic slowed and stopped for construction. He received a confidential settlement.


Nancy and Ralph, along with their 1-year-old son, were driving home from dinner at a restaurant in Greeley, Colorado. With no warning, a drunk driver, Michael, crossed the center line as he approached Nancy and Ralph’s car from the opposite direction, and crashed into Nancy and Ralph’s car going about 35 miles per hour. The client was awarded $325,000 for injuries sustained.


Randy was traveling east and he stopped at a railroad crossing at 96th Avenue near Highway 2 in Adams County. Randy was about the tenth car back from the railroad tracks. The gates were down and the flashing warning lights were activated. Randy was awarded a confidential settlement amount.