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The pedestrian accident attorneys in Fort Collins at Bachus & Schanker, LLC, are a determined legal team that will aggressively fight for your rights. When you’re hurt in a pedestrian accident in Fort Collins, you may not know where to turn.

Our Fort Collins personal injury attorneys have represented thousands of accident victims. We know how to get results for pedestrians who are hurt in accidents, and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Our Fort Collins pedestrian accident attorneys are accepting new cases! Contact our team at (970) 222-2222 for a free consultation today.

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We want you to have confidence in the legal services that we provide. That’s why we never charge a victim to meet with our legal team. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know all of the facts about your case. Investigating is one of the things we do for our clients. Just come as you are to learn about your rights and your options.

Consultations are always free. In addition, we can represent you without any payment upfront. We’re happy to offer representation at no cost until you win your case. Ask us how our payment for services works, and how we can represent you with our no-fee guarantee unless you win your case. Call us at (970) 222-2222 today to schedule your free case evaluation.

Did you get hurt in a pedestrian accident in Fort Collins, CO? You may deserve financial compensation. To get that compensation, you need to bring a personal injury claim against the responsible party. 

Don’t make the mistake of accepting a settlement before you talk to our pedestrian accident attorneys in Fort Collins. The insurance company could try to lowball the amount of compensation that you deserve. They may hope that you don’t understand your rights as a pedestrian and take advantage. 

Let our lawyers evaluate your case. We want to help you understand what your case is worth. Then, together, we can fight for justice for you. Justice is our passion. We want to help pedestrian accident victims get the financial compensation they need.

Here are the damages that you may receive in a Fort Collins pedestrian accident case:

  • All medical and related bills; although these bills are often high in pedestrian cases, you have a right to have them paid in full
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Compensation for mental injuries like PTSD, anxiety, fear of certain situations, etc.
  • Short-term and long-term damages and losses
  • Property damage
  • Help with the costs of transportation to medical appointments
  • Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering is often one of the most significant parts of a pedestrian accident case. Along with serious injuries comes severe suffering. These emotional damages and the anguish th

Pedestrians have legal rights in Fort Collins. A pedestrian has a right to use the roads, including sidewalks and crosswalks. They have the right to cross the street when it is safe and allowed under traffic laws.

Drivers have a legal obligation to people on foot. They must exercise reasonable care. If a driver is in an area where pedestrians are present, they should adjust their speed accordingly. They must obey traffic laws and watch out for pedestrians who are crossing an intersection. 

When an accident involves a person on foot, the victim has the right to the protections of Colorado accident laws. If the cause of the accident is a failure on the part of the driver to operate with a sufficient level of care, the pedestrian has the right to financial compensation. There is no reduction in damages because the victim was a pedestrian at the time of the accident. Rather, the victim deserves full compensation for their losses under Colorado laws.

We know that you need skilled and experienced lawyers representing you. Here are some of the reasons we believe that we may be the best Fort Collins lawyers for your case:

  • Representation from a full legal team; you’re not just represented by a single lawyer. Instead, you have a legal team of attorneys and paralegals who are all dedicated to your success
  • With a large and diverse legal team, we understand the unique issues that exist in pedestrian accident cases
  • Our team is licensed to represent you in Fort Collins and throughout the State of Colorado
  • We have thousands of satisfied clients, including pedestrian accident victims
  • Membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum because we have won verdicts exceeding one million dollars for our clients
  • Accepting cases of all sizes, for injuries mild, moderate and severe
  • Recognition by Rue Ratings for legal excellence
  • Personal oversight of your case by Super Lawyers members and law firm founders, J. Kyle Bachus and Darin Schanker

In addition to being aggressive legal advocates, we’re compassionate leaders who work on your behalf for compensation. We get that being a pedestrian accident victim is frustrating, scary and confusing. That’s why we respect your needs and communicate with you frequently throughout your case. We’re dedicated to doing whatever you need for your case to be successful.

To build a case for compensation for a pedestrian accident, we gather evidence to prove each element of the case. First, we need to show that the driver caused the accident through their negligence. It’s essential to show how the driver didn’t use a reasonable standard of care in driving. We prove this by gathering evidence of how the accident occurred and the actions that led to it.

Second, we prove that you suffered injuries as a result. Through expert testimony, medical evaluations and financial accountings, we confirm your injuries and the full cost of the damages. You need to show that the injuries are the result of the accident, and you need to show the value of the damages for compensation. Our legal team prepares all the evidence and advocates for you throughout the case.


“Thanks for raising money for, bringing attention to, and inviting so many people to enjoy learning about Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic, Kenzi’s Causes, and the many non-profits Bachus & Schanker partners with. Your work with these groups speaks volumes about who Bachus & Schanker is!!” – Margaret Werner 5/5 Stars

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