The Denver drunk driving accident attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC can represent you to bring a claim for compensation when you’re hurt by a drunk driver. Our team has the skill and experience to help you win your case. We have a full-service legal team that’s prepared to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation as quickly as possible. With thousands of satisfied clients and more than $1 billion in collected verdicts, our Denver drunk driving accident attorneys want you to be our next success story.

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Do I Need a Drunk Driving Accident Attorney?

You need a drunk driving attorney if you have injuries because of a drunk driving accident. Even if the drunk driver is arrested, criminal charges aren’t meant to compensate you for all of your losses and suffering. You might receive some compensation for short-term medical bills, but there’s no guarantee that the defendant is going to make payment. Regardless of what happens with the criminal case, you have the right to bring a civil drunk driving case. You can have a drunk driving civil case no matter what happens in the criminal case. Even if the state attorney declines criminal charges, or if they reduce the charges in a plea agreement, you can demand fair compensation through a civil claim. Under Colorado law, drunk driving victims are not limited to pursuing claims arising from the negligence of drunk drivers. They also have a right to sue for punitive damages designed to punish the drunk driver for willful, wanton, and reckless conduct.

Why Should You Bring a Drunk Driving Civil Claim?

There are several reasons why it’s necessary and beneficial to bring your own civil claim. First, the purpose of a civil claim is to get you financial compensation. That’s not the purpose of a criminal claim. There are many more categories of compensation that are available to you in a civil suit than in a criminal case. Things like pain and suffering and projected future medical needs are left out of a criminal case. If the defendant doesn’t pay, there’s nothing you can do. However, in a civil case, you can claim every category of damages, such as physical and emotional suffering, lost income and future medical bills. As the victim, you’re in control of a civil claim. You decide what evidence to present, and you choose when to accept a settlement. Finally, the burden of proof in a civil case is better for the victim than it is in a criminal claim. You need to prove your case by only a preponderance of the evidence.

Our Colorado injury attorneys thoroughly understand how civil cases work. We know how to bring your case to maximize your compensation. With our team, you’ll know you’re claiming all of the categories of losses that you may have sustained because of the accident. We hold drunk drivers accountable as we work to get justice for our clients.

Who Can I Sue For a Drunk Driving Accident?

There are multiple parties that you may sue when you’re hurt in a drunk driving accident. Of course, the drivers themselves are undoubtedly responsible for the accident. However, you may also qualify to bring an action against the driver’s insurance company for payment.If the driver is a commercial driver, their employer may also be responsible for allowing them to be on the roads. A bar or restaurant may be responsible for overserving the driver. Even your own insurance company may be a party if they don’t pay you fairly under the terms of your policy. Our attorneys make sure that you claim compensation from all the appropriate parties.

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Why Choose Our Denver Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys?

At Bachus & Schanker, LLC, we believe that drunk drivers should be held accountable. They made a choice that had devastating consequences for you. We believe that the legal system not only makes the driver answer for his or her behavior but also provides a way to get the valuable compensation that you deserve. The Bachus & Schanker team in Colorado is more than 100 members strong. We have 26 trained and experienced attorneys and a fully-staffed team of support. We’re dedicated, enthusiastic professionals who devote our entire legal practice to helping accident victims. When you hire us, you’re not just hiring a lawyer. You have a trained, dedicated legal team that doesn’t quit until justice is served.

Denver Drunk Driving Lawyers – No Fee Unless You Win

Ask how we can represent you with no money down and no fee unless you win. We believe that everyone who needs a lawyer should have one. You shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay for a lawyer on top of being the victim of a drunk driving accident.

That’s why it’s our policy to represent you with no payment unless you win. We can work on your behalf throughout your entire case without any payment until you have a check in your hands. We can even help you get the medical care that you need before you have a judgment in your case.

Contact Our Drunk Driving Attorneys For Your Free Consultation

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can win your case. We’re standing by to talk to you. Rest assured that your consultation is always confidential, and we never charge to meet with our team of attorneys. We know that you’re hurting physically and emotionally. That’s why we’re here to fight for the legal rights and fair compensation for all drunk driving accident victims.

If you’ve been injured in a drunk driving accident in DenverFort CollinsColorado Springs, Aurora, and Englewood, we’re here to help. Call to connect immediately with our drunk driving attorneys. Let’s work together to get you the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today to get started on your case.

Drunk Driving Victim Assistance

Bachus & Schanker has been a long-time sponsor of MADD a wonderful Organization devoted to not just eliminating drunk driving but to providing assistance to those who have been affected. If you need additional help please contact MADD today.

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“Justin Mosery took our case and made it a great experience. Him and his team were great and made it quick.”

My family and I were hit by a drunk driver and we called Bachus & Schanker. Justin Mosery took our case and made it a great experience. Him and his team were great and made it quick. Would definitely recommend this firm.
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“I had a settlement check worth 4 times the amount the insurance company initially offered me.”

I was hit by a drunk driver in 2015. I had significant damage to my vehicle and my spine. I was in treatment for over a year and a half and when I was released, the insurance company did not want to pay off the rest of my medical bills and offered me a small settlement. I called Bachus and Schanker and they “fast tracked” my case. I had a settlement check worth 4 times the amount the insurance company initially offered me.
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“They went to bat for us and handle our case.”

Bachus and Schanker sent someone out to our house when we were hit by a drunk driver because we were too injuried to seek help and leave the house. We didn’t know what Dr to go to and they set us up with a Dr and rehabilitation clinic. They went to bat for us and handle our case
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