10 Reasons to Hire a Catastrophic Injury Attorney

A catastrophic injury can leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. You may wonder how you’re going to care for yourself or provide for your family. Even the daily tasks of living can seem overwhelming. Likely, one of the questions you’ve probably thought of is whether you should hire a catastrophic injury lawyer.

Our Elite Litigation Group of catastrophic injury lawyers explains why it can be beneficial to hire an attorney when you suffer a life-changing injury.

1. They Clarify the Legal Procedure

In order to receive financial compensation for a catastrophic injury, you have to know how to go about claiming it. It starts with filing a summons and complaint in court. After that, there is a myriad of legal steps between starting the claim and cashing that settlement check.

A catastrophic injury attorney is well-versed in these procedures. They know how to move the case through the system. Strategically, they decide what process to use in order to advance the claim in their client’s best interests. Ultimately, you have the assurance that your claim isn’t going to fail for a simple procedural reason that an attorney would have recognized.

2. Building the Case Using the Rules of Evidence

A successful legal claim requires ample evidence. However, gathering evidence isn’t always easy. You may need records from third parties. You may also need to coax reluctant witnesses into producing information. There may be experts that are necessary to present technical information.

An attorney can identify what evidence you need. They know how to go about gathering this information and, finally, how to use it effectively for the client.

3. Knowing What Amount to Claim

Medical bills are an important part of any catastrophic injury claim. However, if you stop at trying to recoup your medical expenses in a catastrophic injury claim, you’re likely selling yourself short.

A catastrophic injury claim may involve lost wages, nursing care, physical therapy, mental injuries, replacement household services, travel costs for medical care and pain and suffering. Each category of damages must be carefully proven. Your attorney knows how to identify the dollar value of the claim and how to be successful in receiving compensation for each category.

4. Responding to Comparative Negligence

Of course, the responsible party wants to pay as little as possible. You can expect them to say whatever they think might get them out of trouble. They might accuse you of sharing fault for the accident, or comparative negligence.

Each state has unique laws that address how a claim is handled when multiple parties are at fault. You must be prepared for an allegation of comparative fault and know how to respond to it. Having a catastrophic injury lawyer who is experienced in the issue of comparative fault can help you best handle this kind of defense.

5. Dealing With Damage Caps

Some types of claims are subject to damage caps. That means it’s the most that you can receive for a particular category of damages. It’s critical to understand what damage caps are, when they apply and when they do not apply. Your attorney helps you claim every last dollar that you deserve without damage caps becoming a confusion or a distraction.

6. Explaining Actions By the Other Side and Court Paperwork

When legal paperwork arrives in the mail, it can be stressful. What does it mean? What do you have to do to respond? Is what the other side just filed going to be a problem for my case?

When you have a catastrophic injury attorney, all the paperwork goes to them. They can quickly interpret it and explain what it means. With an expert on your side, it takes a lot of the stress out of it because they’re quick to evaluate what something means and what you need to do next. You know you have a trusted legal advocate handling the details.

7. Evaluating Options and Settlement Offers

The other side has made a settlement offer. Should you accept it? Should you make a counteroffer? An attorney for catastrophic claims knows the importance of getting the settlement exactly right. They can help you decide if you should accept the offer, reject it or make a counterclaim. Using expert guidance to analyze the pros and cons of a settlement offer, you don’t have to wonder if you’re making the right choice.

8. Knowing the Local Court Idiosyncrasies

In any legal case, the little things can make a difference. Some courts want you to check in with the court clerk in advance of the hearing. Some judges want to see court motions in specific formats or want particular language to make arguments in court. Each court comes up with its own micro-procedures, and knowing them can give you a leg up.

Through years of local experience, your attorney learns the details that make the case move more smoothly through the system and ultimately more successful.

9. Thinking on Their Feet

Court hearings happen live and in real-time. No matter how prepared you are, the judge might ask a question or issue a ruling you aren’t expecting. A witness might give a surprising answer that sends the case in a completely different direction.

When you have a catastrophic injury attorney, you have someone with the training and experience to think on their feet. They can access a wealth of procedural knowledge and wisdom from their years in the litigation trenches. They’ve been there before, and that experience gives them the confidence to handle the twists and turns that may arise in any case.

10. Allowing You To Focus on Your Recovery

Ultimately, suffering from a catastrophic injury is stressful enough. You need to focus on your recovery. A catastrophic injury attorney is aware of the physical, financial and emotional strain that comes with a life-changing injury. They are able to take the reins of the legal claim.

While they’re busy with building your claim by filing motions, preparing evidence and taking part in tough negotiations, you can be doing what’s best for you—focusing on recovery and rebuilding your life. A catastrophic injury attorney does the work and manages the case so that the burden is off your shoulders.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers Accepting New Cases

If you have suffered from a catastrophic injury, we invite you to learn how our legal team can help you. We’re ready to fight for the compensation you need and deserve. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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