Can You Sue a Bar for Injury in Colorado?

Can you sue a bar for an injury when a night on the town goes wrong? In many cases, the answer is yes. A bar has a duty to protect the safety of its patrons. Whether legal liability applies to the bar depends on the circumstances and the actions that bar representatives took at the time leading up to the injury. Our Denver personal injury attorneys explain when you can sue a bar for injury.

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Can You Sue a Bar for Injury?

Yes, you can sue a bar for injury. When the injury occurs because of the actions or inactions of the bar owners and employees, you can bring a legal claim for compensation against the bar. Legal liability for the bar depends on whether they took reasonable steps to identify dangers and protect customers from those dangers.

Even if the bar didn’t purposefully or directly cause the injuries, there might be ways that their actions contributed to the bar injury. Yes, you can sue a bar for injury when the conduct of bar representatives is a proximate cause of your injury.

Can You Sue a Bar for Assault?

Yes, you can sue a bar for assault. Even if it may not be a bar employee that is personally responsible for the assault, it’s still the duty of the bar management to ensure safety. The bar has a legal duty to employ adequate security.

In addition, the bar has a legal duty to remove disruptive patrons. They must also be careful not to over-serve patrons. All of these duties are ways that a bar can be legally liable when an assault occurs. You can sue a bar for assault when negligence leads to an injury.

Bar Fight Injuries

Bar fight injuries may be grounds for legal liability. You may hold the assailant responsible, and the bar owners may be responsible for your injuries, as well. The legal theories that apply to each party are different. If you can show that the person who attacked you did so intentionally, they are liable to you for your damages.

The bar itself may be legally responsible if they fail to take appropriate measures to prevent bar fights before they happen. To win a bar fight injury claim, you need to bring a legal claim by the deadline and document the extent of your damages.

How to Sue a Bar for Negligence

To sue a bar for negligence, you investigate the accident to determine how it occurred. Then, you draft legal documents naming the bar as a defendant in the lawsuit. In some cases, you can negotiate a settlement directly without filing a legal claim, but usually, you have to file your claim in a court of law.

You file your claim with the clerk of court and pay the filing fee. Then, you serve the legal paperwork on the agent who accepts service on behalf of the bar. You wait for the bar’s representatives to respond, and you begin building the evidence to support your claim. How to sue a bar for negligence involves filing legal documents and proving that the bar acted negligently in a way that caused the accident.

Suing a Bar After Assault

Suing a bar after assault begins with filing a legal claim. To succeed, you must show that the bar’s agents and employees negligently allowed the assault to occur through their conduct. It’s important to understand that negligence doesn’t mean purposefully. Even if the bar didn’t intentionally allow the assault to happen, they might have negligently allowed it by failing to conduct their business operation with sufficient care.

When you sue a bar after an assault, the bar may be responsible for your medical bills, property damage, and pain and suffering. Because suing a bar after assault typically means holding the bar accountable for the actions of a third-party, it’s vital to carefully gather the evidence that shows how the bar’s negligence allowed the assault to take place.

Suing a Bar for Injury

Suing a bar for injury is a way to hold the bar accountable for their actions. For the bar to be legally liable, the accident must be their fault in some way. At first glance, it might seem like an accident is truly an accident. For example, you might trip over a chair. You might think that’s just an accident. However, the bar may have allowed the room to become too crowded. They may have had inadequate lighting. They may not have had enough staff to notice the chair out of place and return it to its proper spot. Suing a bar for injury means looking more in-depth at the causes of the accident.

A bar has a very high duty of care to its patrons. They must actively take steps to identify possible dangers and prevent them from causing damage. In fact, as a business owner, a bar has the highest duty of care that exists under the law. Suing a bar for injury means showing how the bar could have and should have taken additional steps to make their business operation safer to prevent the harm that occurred.

How Long Do I Have to Sue a Bar for Injuries?

The bar fight statute of limitations is the amount of time that you have to bring a claim against a bar because of a fight. Usually, an action against a bar for a bar fight is a kind of premises liability claim. In Colorado, the statute of limitations for a premises liability claim is two years.

You have two years from the date the fight occurred to win your case. There are a few ways the deadline can be extended, so it’s always important to speak with an attorney about your specific case; but in general, the deadline for the bar fight statute of limitations is two years.

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