Bachus & Schanker Credo: Our Personal Injury Law Firm Values and Vision

A credo is “any formal or authorized statement of beliefs, principles, or opinions.” It comes from the Latin for “I believe”. Bachus & Schanker has crafted a new company credo to embody its values and beliefs. Members of the staff helped to create this statement and we are excited to use this as a filter through which we work.

We will be providing a copy of our credo to each of our new clients to help them to understand more about who we are and what we stand for. We also have our credo displayed in our lobby, signed by all of our staff.

Our Clients Drive Our Actions

We represent individuals and families who suffer harm caused by the careless conduct of others. Our clients deserve respect, dignity, and compassion. We are committed to using our knowledge, innovation and resources to achieve justice.

Our Employees Are Respected And Fundamental To Our Success

Our employees are the reason for our success. We aim to create a culture where our attorneys and staff demonstrate a sense of ownership in the firm through integrity, accountability and individualism.

Our Community Motivates Us To Make A Difference

Beyond the courtroom, we advocate to protect the rights of the injured both locally and nationally. We also have a responsibility to be a positive force in the community. We provide resources to support those affected by life changing tragedies in the communities in which we live and work.

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