The Benefits of Having Personal Injury Attorney Representation

When victims suffer an injury after an accident, the aftermath and trying to navigate the legal system alone can be overwhelming. On top of trying to recover from injuries, they may not be able to work, have increasing medical bills and are being pressured by the insurance company to accept an amount that doesn’t cover all their damages. If you’re experiencing a similar situation, it’s time to consider working with an experienced personal injury attorney.

What Is a Personal Injury Attorney?

Personal injury attorneys represent victims who suffer physical and emotional injuries caused by another person or group of individuals due to negligence. In these instances, reasonable actions were not taken to prevent the situation from occurring. When representing a victim in a personal injury case, the attorney may investigate and evaluate all the evidence and information concerning the accident and determine the need for negotiation or the need to file a lawsuit in an attempt to gain appropriate compensation.

A personal injury lawyer has the knowledge and skills to advocate for their clients and fight for their rights. They will examine all of the victim’s damages to know the maximum amount the victim can recovery—even if the insurance adjusters failed to include them.

Advantages of Working With a Personal Injury Lawyer in Colorado

If you’re deciding whether you should hire a personal injury attorney after an accident in Colorado, here are some benefits to consider:

1. Knowledge of Laws and Regulations

A Denver personal injury lawyer has extensive knowledge of personal injury laws in the state of Colorado. These statutes vary depending on individual situations. Without this vital information, clients may not be able to protect all of their legal rights. Knowing that the public does not typically possess this information, insurance companies often take advantage of victims by offering to pay the minimal amount of compensation, which protects the financial interests of the company.

2. Negotiation and Litigation Skills

Attorneys negotiate on behalf of clients for fair settlements that appropriately cover expenses and damages. Victims don’t have to worry about pressure from insurance adjusters or intimidating court presentations. If insurance providers become unwilling to negotiate, an attorney may advise their client to enter into formal litigation procedures. A personal injury lawyer will handle all the legal aspects of the claim on your behalf.

3. Determine the Full Value of Your Claim

The experience that a personal injury lawyer possesses allows them to skillfully determine the worth of specific claims. They know what victims can collect from the responsible party, including compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Prescription medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Loss of companionship
  • Pain and suffering

They will also help establish a timeline for your recovery and ensure the compensation reflects any future medical costs or other expenses.

4. Focus on Your Recovery

Illnesses and injuries related to personal injury situations often cause the average individual to feel intimidated and stressed. While trying to recuperate or deal with the effects of an injury or illness, individuals may become reluctant to endure interviews or fill out paperwork. A personal injury lawyer helps in these instances by ensuring that all of the necessary legal steps are completed, so you can focus on what matters most—your recovery.

5. Likelihood of a Successful Claim

For many different reasons, victims stand a better chance of getting the monetary compensation that they deserve when represented by a professional attorney trained to deal with personal injury cases. A Denver personal injury lawyer is the best defense against the negligence of others. Consulting with an attorney increases the likelihood of receiving rewards to deal with current or future medical bills, therapy, rehabilitation and property damage, in addition to emotional trauma.

When to Contact an Attorney in Colorado

When someone becomes seriously injured in Colorado and believes they deserve compensation for expenses involved with their condition, they should consult with a Denver personal injury lawyer. Recovering fair monetary compensation often requires legal help.

Lawyers represent the best interest of clients and may be able to help ensure that the maximum allowable rewards are gained. Clients suffering from severe, permanent or catastrophic injuries can benefit from having professional legal assistance when the case results from:

If you or a loved one needs professional legal representation after an accident in Colorado, contact the team at Bachus & Schanker today for a free consultation. We can help you understand your rights, what your case may be worth and how we can ensure you get the compensation you and your family need now. We have personal injury offices in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Englewood.

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