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Dental Malpractice Attorneys

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Dental Malpractice Attorneys

Denver Dental Malpractice Attorneys

Our dental malpractice attorneys in Denver represent people who are injured because of negligent dentistry and dental procedures. If you’ve been hurt because of inadequate dental care, you may have a legal right to claim financial compensation. Determining whether you’re a victim of dental negligence can be difficult, but our dental malpractice attorneys in Denver have the skills and experience to help you through the process. 

Get the financial compensation that you deserve. Contact our Denver personal injury attorneys at (303) 222-2222 for a free consultation on your dental malpractice case.

Am I a Victim of Dental Malpractice?

You’re a victim of dental malpractice if you receive dental care that isn’t up to reasonable standards. Everyone who sees a dental professional has the right to competent care. When there is an error, the person who suffers harm due to negligence is a dental malpractice victim.

Here are some of the contexts in which dental malpractice can occur:

  • Mistakes during routine cleanings that cause injuries
  • Inadequate x-rays, examinations and failures to make the proper diagnosis
  • Confusing patient records
  • Operating on the wrong tooth or performing the incorrect procedure
  • Orthodontic errors
  • Oral surgery errors
  • Problems filling cavities 
  • Crown errors, root canal errors
  • Failing to be aware of dental conditions and other injuries that a dentist with adequate training would be able to recognize
  • Errors in administering numbing medication
  • Other causes of dental injuries


Colorado laws protect victims of dental malpractice, and you have the right to claim financial compensation. Our Denver dental malpractice attorneys know how to assert your rights. Justice is our passion. We can help you fight for your rights and the maximum amount of compensation possible. It’s our goal to manage the legal process on your behalf and pursue your best interests at every stage in the case.

How Much Can You Get for a Denver Dental Malpractice Case?

A Dever dental malpractice case is a type of medical malpractice case. Colorado medical malpractice laws apply to protect victims of dental malpractice. Here are some of the things that you can claim for a Denver dental malpractice case:

  • The cost of additional dental care, orthodontic work or dental surgery
  • Medical care if needed because of the injuries
  • Prescriptions like antibiotics or pain management
  • Physical therapy, if needed
  • Makeup pay if you’re unable to work for a period of time
  • Compensation for permanent disfiguring or scars
  • Assistance with nursing care and in-home care needs, if appropriate
  • Pain and suffering compensation

For severe injuries with lifelong complications, a dental injury may be worth millions of dollars. However, most awards are not that amount. Whether your case is large or small, you’ve been significantly impacted by being a victim of dental malpractice. We’re Denver dental malpractice attorneys who are prepared to fight for every victim and their rights. 

Why Choose Our Denver Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Here are some reasons to choose our Denver medical malpractice attorneys:

  • We specialize in injury cases; this experience gives us the background to maximize your claim and handle the details
  • Get attorneys who are experienced in the local Denver courts and throughout Colorado
  • At our core, we’re trial attorneys. We have experience handling difficult and complex matters and seeing them through until our clients get results
  • We’ve won thousands of cases and won millions of dollars for our clients
  • Prestigious organizations like Super Lawyers, Martindale-Hubbell and Top Lawyers Denver have all recognized our success
  • Our team has 25 attorneys. Each one of our team members is carefully selected for their skill and determination in helping victims including dental malpractice victims
  • Our focus on personal injury matters gives us knowledge in medical terminology and issues that are important to your case
  • We believe in honest and constant communication with our clients throughout your case

To us, your case is personal. When you meet with us, we get to know you and your case. Then, we assemble the right team to work on your case. You know your legal team on a first-name basis, and we’re always available when you need to reach us. When you’re the victim of dental malpractice, you can rely on our experience to get results.

What Do You Have to Prove in a Dental Malpractice Claim?

Here is what you have to prove to win a dental malpractice claim:

  1. Duty – All dentists and other dental professionals have a duty of reasonable care to their patients. They must exercise an adequate level of care and skill. To prove this step, you need to show that you were a patient of the dental professional in question.
  2. Breach of duty – You have to show that the dentist didn’t live up to the reasonable standard of care. Dentists don’t always have a perfect outcome, but they are expected to have a basic competency level as they perform their job. You show this step by explaining what would be a reasonable amount of care in that situation and showing how the dentist’s actions did not live up to that standard.
  3. Causation – The breach of duty of care must be the cause of some harm to you. Injuries, failing to diagnose a condition and failing to provide competent treatment can all cause damage.
  4. Damages – Physical injuries (and the cost to treat them) are damages. Injuries can also be accompanied by pain and suffering. Your damages are your financial losses as well as an amount to represent your pain and suffering.

Dental Malpractice Attorneys in Denver With Free Consultation

Your case starts with a free consultation with our dental malpractice attorneys in Denver. We invite you to personally meet our legal team. At our meeting, we get to know you and learn all that we can about your case.

We want you to feel comfortable with our team. We’re aggressive litigators, but we’re compassionate advocates for our clients. We know that dental malpractice can significantly impact your life. That’s why we’re ready to fight for justice for you. Let’s work together to claim compensation for you.


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