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For the Englewood wrongful termination attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC, justice is our passion. If you’ve been let go from your employer for an illegal reason, you may deserve financial compensation. You deserve outstanding legal representation that advocates for your best interests.  

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We offer free consultations for anyone who believes they may be the victim of wrongful termination. Justice is our passion, and we want to fight for you. Call us or use our messaging app to get in touch and get started immediately.

The lawyers for wrongful termination in Englewood know that it can be intimidating when an employer mistreats you. That’s why we’re aggressive litigators who handle cases that advocate on behalf of victims. Our goal is to level the playing field between the employer and hardworking individuals who may have been treated unfairly.

The United States and State of Colorado laws make it illegal for an employer to take action against you because you exercise your rights as an employee. It’s also illegal for them to fire, demote or harass you for participating in an investigation into possible misconduct. In addition, they can’t discriminate against you based on a protected class. Religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age and pregnancy are just a few examples of protected classes.

If you’ve been fired for an illegal reason, you can fight back with legal action. To receive justice, you file a legal claim that identifies the discrimination and demands fair compensation. That’s where our team of attorneys and professional paralegals can advocate for you.

We’re armed with the knowledge and skill to fight on your behalf. We can gather the evidence that you need, file the legal claim, and pursue it through the steps of legal procedure until you have a fair result. Justice is our passion, and we fight (and win) for people like you every day.

Here are some kinds of wrongful termination cases that our lawyers may handle:

  • Unfair treatment in hiring, firing or work duties based on your race or religion
  • Deciding to terminate your employment because of your age
  • Gender-based discrimination
  • Age discrimination in the hiring and retention process
  • Disparate treatment on the basis of sexual orientation
  • Finding a pretext to fire you because you choose to take an FMLA leave
  • Retaliation if you participate in an investigation of someone else
  • Demotion for an illegal reason
  • Changing of work duties; trying to create a hostile environment because they don’t like that you advocated for your rights or participated in an investigation
  • Retaliation for complaining about unpaid wages (Colorado Wage Act)
  • A violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Sexual harassment and unfair treatment based on reporting sexual harassment

Wrongful termination is often subtle. Your employer isn’t going to come out and say that they fired you based on an illegal reason. That’s why having experienced litigators to build your case is so important.

Our team uses strategy and legal procedures to gather evidence. Then, we know how to present that information in an effective way. We’re not only aggressive litigators, but we’re skilled in legal advocacy. The result is a legal team that understands your rights and interests and works until the job is done.

Our founding partners, Darin Schanker and Kyle Bachus, have carefully built their legal team to meet victims’ needs. Every attorney and paralegal who joins our team is chosen specially for their ability to respond to the needs of victims and fight for their rights. When you need attorneys for illegal firing, we can provide outstanding services to meet your needs.

Here are some of the highlights of our law firm:

  • We have 32 attorneys and paralegals in our firm. We learn about your case, and then we select a legal team that is specifically trained to meet your exact legal needs. You get a personalized team with thorough experience in the issues and questions you need the most.
  • Enthusiastic representation from a law firm that exclusively advocates for victims. Wrongful termination and other kinds of personal injury cases are all we do. Our experience gives us confidence as we pursue your claim on your behalf.
  • Experienced litigators who are not afraid to pursue your case through trial. In fact, we prepare for court in our own mock courtroom right in our offices. If your case goes to trial, you can expect to prepare just as if you were in court. That way, you can walk into court with confidence, knowing what to expect.
  • Licensure in the State of Colorado and United States courtrooms so that we can file and pursue your case in the most favorable jurisdiction.
  • Numerous accolades and awards speak to our dedication to the success of our clients. We’ve been recognized by Rue Ratings, 5280 Magazine, Lead Counsel and LawDragon. These honors are just a reflection of what matters to us most – the success of our clients.
  • We’re kind and understanding advocates. We know that the legal system can seem daunting. That’s why we’re always available to explain things and answer your questions throughout the case.
  • Respect – We know that unfairly losing your job changes your entire perspective. That’s why we take your case seriously from the first time you meet with us. The attorney-client privilege applies at your consultation and throughout your case.
  • Compassion – It might be your first time meeting with a lawyer. You’re going through a difficult experience. You can expect us to exercise compassion and understanding in your consultation and throughout the time we work together for justice.

Transparency – Our team will give you transparent and honest advice about your case. Also, our fee agreements are written in plain language. Our goal is to make outstanding legal services accessible and affordable to every person who faces a wrongful termination.


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