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Denver Bike Accident Attorneys

A bike accident settlement for a Colorado cyclist is a financial payment made to an accident victim when they’re hit by a driver. A driver who hits a bicyclist may be guilty of negligence. When they hit a cyclist because they break a traffic law or act carelessly, they owe the victim compensation.

Your settlement can cover your financial losses, pain and suffering, medical bills and more. A claim for payment is a way to hold a driver accountable when their actions cause an accident.

Bike Accident Settlement for Colorado Cyclist

A bike accident attorney in Denver can help you receive full compensation. Our experienced Colorado injury lawyers can represent you and take all of the steps necessary to make your case successful. To win a judgment, you must do the following:

  • Investigate the incident to determine your rights
  • Report the accident to the insurance companies and demand settlement
  • Prepare and file your legal papers
  • Create and execute a legal strategy; build your case through evidence gathering and court motions
  • Negotiate your settlement with the insurance company and the other party
  • Conduct a trial (if necessary); show exhibits and argue the case to the jury
  • Enforce the judgment; appeal if it’s appropriate

When you have a Denver bike accident attorney, you have someone with legal training and experience in the courtroom to handle all these requirements on your behalf. They know what steps to take and how to handle the case successfully. Ultimately, your attorney makes sure that you get the most out of your case. They also manage the legal process and move your case along, so you get the compensation you deserve as soon as possible.

What Are Some Types of Bicycle Accident Cases?

Bicycle AccidentHere are some kinds of bicycle accident cases that may qualify you for compensation:

  • Getting hit in a crosswalk
  • A driver trying to make a right-hand turn while you’re crossing a street
  • Failing to allow a cyclist to share the roads
  • Side-swiping a cyclist
  • Road rage and aggressive driving that injures a bicyclist
  • Accidents that occur because of broken roads/potholes
  • Pile-ups and multi-vehicle accidents
  • Accident from speeding vehicles
  • Harm that results from failing to stop at a stop sign
  • Drunk driving; driving under the influence of drugs
  • A driver failing to follow any other kind of traffic law

Drivers must exercise due care and caution at all times. Any accident that occurs because of a failure to exercise reasonable care and caution may be grounds for a lawsuit.

Do I Have a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit?

It’s important to meet with a team of attorneys in order to investigate your case. The police aren’t the ones who decide negligence. Also, even if you think you might have acted negligently, you may be surprised how the law treats cycling cases and what you might stand to recover.No matter what anyone tells you about bicycle accident law in Denver, you should have an experienced attorney look at your case. When you speak with our team, you have an unbiased opinion rooted in decades of legal training and experience. Armed with accurate information, you can make the best choices about protecting your rights and demanding compensation.

How Much Can I Claim for a Bike Accident?

How much you can claim for a bike accident depends on your losses, both economic and non-economic. Your economic losses are your medical bills, lost pay, disrupted career path, home care needs, expenses related to medical care and property damage. Your non-economic losses are pain and suffering, physical limitations and lowered quality of life. How much you can claim for a bike accident depends on the strength of your legal case as well as the specific losses that you sustain.

Bicycle Accident Law Denver

Bicycle accident laws that are in place in Denver allow a victim to claim financial compensation when a driver hits them. Cyclists have the right to claim financial compensation through the Colorado legal system. The same legal protections that apply to other drivers also apply to cyclists in the State of Colorado. The standard for bicycle accident law in Denver is negligence.

Negligence means that you can make a legal claim when the driver fails to live up to standards of reasonable behavior. If the accident occurs because the driver isn’t careful enough, you have a valid legal claim. Negligence doesn’t always mean violating a traffic law, but violating a traffic law is strong evidence of negligence. A driver can be negligent with or without breaking a traffic law.

Denver Bicycle Accident Lawyers – Free Consultation

Are you ready to fight for your rights and receive compensation for your bicycle accident? Call our Denver bicycle accident lawyers for your free and confidential consultation. Your time to file a claim is limited. Let us work with you to claim monetary compensation and find relief after a bicycle accident.

The Colorado bicycle accident attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC are prepared to help you get the compensation that you deserve when you’re hurt by a driver. Our team has more than 100 legal professionals, including 26 attorneys. When you hire us, you have an entire team prepared to do what it takes for your success. In total, we’ve collected more than $900 million for our clients.

Why work with us? We believe we’ve built an exceptional team of hardworking, talented legal professionals. We go the extra mile to ensure the success of each client. Call or message us today to get started.

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