Bachus & Schanker is part of a U.S. legal team working with individuals in Colorado and Minnesota to bring legal suit against Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. for allegedly violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The plaintiffs, who currently or previously worked for Chipotle, allege the company violated the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Act when it intentionally underpaid night-shift staff to meet corporate labor budgets. They claim Chipotle has an unwritten policy to not pay its hourly employees for all time worked, and to encourage general managers to require off-the-clock work.

Five of the plaintiffs submitted declarations claiming that general managers were rewarded if they met payroll budgets and threatened with termination if they did not. Consequently, to keep labor costs down, employees were required to punch out before they finished working, resulting in non-payment of regular wages or overtime wages.

The six plaintiffs in these three lawsuits reside in Colorado and Minnesota, and are represented by Karen O’Connor of Bachus & Schanker, Adam S. Levy of the Law Office of Adam S. Levy, LLC and/or Kent M. Williams of the Williams Law Firm. The group decided to collaborate when Williams noted that all were alleging the same abuse of Fair Labor Standards Act.

O’Connor hopes these lawsuits will send a real message to the food industry.

“People working in minimum wage jobs and struggling to get by should be paid for the hours they put in,” she said. “Fast food workers who have been automatically punched off the clock who have been required to work ‘off the clock,’ without being paid their hourly wage need to know that they have rights.”

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