How to Prepare for Your Meeting With a Car Accident Attorney

To be compensated for injuries sustained in a car accident, you’ll need to lawyer up. Before you meet with a car accident lawyer in Colorado, review this checklist of documents to help you quickly identify if you have a claim and how much to fight for.


Make sure you abdicate all blame. Were you obeying all traffic laws at the time of the accident? Do you have insurance? If not, don’t hold back any potentially damaging information. Lawyers will restrict access to anything you disclose, but they don’t like to be surprised. Be honest to get ahead of any case to made against you. Then gather the following information to prepare for your interview with an attorney.

Seven Things to Bring to a Meeting with a Car Accident Lawyer:

  1. Write down everything you can remember about the car accident, including when and where it happened to the minute and the intersection. What was the weather like? How were the road conditions?
  2. Are there any witnesses that can testify to these circumstances? Other passengers, cars, cyclists, or pedestrians? Provide a list of their names, addresses, and phone numbers to your lawyer.
  3. Bring a copy of the police report regarding the incident. It should describe what you were doing leading up to the time of collision. These additional details can solidify or interfere with your story.
  4. Print any pictures that can act as evidence of each car’s angle, severity of impact, etc. Pictures can indicate speed and breakage of the vehicles involved, and can attribute responsibility for the accident. A specialist can even use the images for a digital reconstruction to demonstrate the events in court.
  5. Your car repair estimates can help calculate the settlement amount you’re owed, and verify the damage being claimed. Your insurance information is also a factor.
  6. Bring any proof of your sustained injuries. This is crucial. It could take a year before you land a trial date, and if you’ve fully recovered, you need to substantiate your damage claim with record of treatment.
    • Pictures of any immediate and enduring trauma.
    • Phone data that an ambulance was called.
    • Names of hospitals, doctors, and ER personnel that treated you.
    • Documentation of medical visits and bills.
    • Initial and follow-up diagnosis and treatment, including your current condition.
    • Copies of x-rays, tests, and any resulting prescriptions, casts, etc.
    • Similar injuries in the past that could be recurring.
  7. You should also prepare your own list of questions for the lawyer. You are advised to ask about: How many car accident cases/successes has the lawyer handled; similar cases; whether they go to trial or settle; how they plan to communicate with you; and how fees will be handled.

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Preparing for Your First Meeting With a Car Accident Lawyer

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