Free Injured Rights Seminar Given by Kyle Bachus

“Rights of the Injured” Seminar Taught by Kyle Bachus

On Monday, March 17, 2008, J. Kyle Bachus was delighted to volunteer his time and teach a seminar on “The Rights of the Injured” through Colorado Free University. This well-received seminar is just one of a series presented by Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA).

CTLA is comprised of attorneys committed to protecting and advancing individual rights. They work to preserve and improve the American judicial system through advancement of trial advocacy skills, high ethical standards, and professionalism. While some who have sustained an injury due to Auto Accidents, drunk drivers, Medical Negligence, Defective Products or a Wrongful Death are reluctant to contact an attorney, or don’t know where to start, attendees learned first hand when it’s appropriate to hire attorney and what role insurance companies play when you’re injured. Topics included an overview of tort, the differences between common law and statutory law, the three principals in proving an injury claim, the jury system, what constitutes negligence, the criminal standard of proof and a question and answer session.

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