Posted in on June 17, 2015

Colorado Hit-and-Run Fatalities are on the Rise

In Colorado, hit-and-run accidents are growing each year, but you may be surprised at just how bad the problem has become. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, in 2014, the hit-and-run epidemic reached a 7-year high, claiming 22 lives and injuring more than one person every day in the Denver metro area. And that’s only part of the story. Check out these other staggering hit-and-run statistics:

To stem this troubling trend, last year state lawmakers doubled the statute of limitations in fatal hit-and-runs from 5 to 10 years and created a statewide alert system, called the Medina Alert, which enlists the public in helping police identify and track down a suspect’s vehicle after they’ve fled the scene, often leaving victims without critical medical assistance. The new law gives Colorado prosecutors twice as long to file hit-and-run vehicular homicide charges, providing police with more time to find offenders.

“It’s a tremendously huge problem,” says Larry Stevenson, former Denver police officer and founder of the Medina Alerts. “When a hit-and-run occurs, law enforcement is looking for a ghost.”

The new law goes a long way towards giving law enforcement the ability to solve hit-and-runs, which in turn helps victims and their families bring civil cases against these otherwise unknown drivers. “The families of victims can now feel more confident that the crime against their loved one will not go unsolved,” says State Rep. Kathleen Conti, R-Littleton, one of the bill’s sponsors.

If you or a loved one were the victim of a hit-and-run driver, you may be entitled to recover compensation for medical expenses, physical and emotional suffering, funeral expenses (in cases of wrongful death), and other damages. A knowledgeable hit-and-run attorney can help you navigate through this confusing and often emotional process to get the justice you and your family deserve.

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