Law Office Day for Denver Street School

Denver Street School Experiences “Day at Office”

On Wednesday, October 8th Bachus & Schanker hosted two students from the Denver Street School to experience a “typical day at the office” at a law firm.

After spending time with founding partner Kyle Bachus, the two teenagers learned how a law firm operates and the doors that will open up for them by attending college. The girls also visited with a paralegal, the medical records department and the file clerk to learn how the various jobs contribute to running a successful law firm.

In 1985, Tom Tillapaugh founded the Denver Street School to help struggling students that had dropped out of a public school or those who were in danger of expulsion. By focusing on smaller class sizes, extra curricular activities and counseling, the Denver Street School helps its students make a change for the better and guides them on taking advantage of opportunities that higher education present.

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