Bachus & Schanker Client Testimonial

Bachus & Schanker Client Testimonial

January 7, 2016 | Client Reviews

Video Transcription
I was rear-ended [car accident] at a traffic light at Parker and Orchard here in Denver [Colorado]. A gentleman in a Dodge Ram pickup rear-ended a Ford Focus and that female driver hit my tow hitch causing all the impact to come into my pickup and my vehicle, hitting my head. At the time I didn’t know I had any kind of injury outside of just the tension from the impact. I was calm and collected at the point of the accident, making sure everybody else was O.K. I did not seek medical attention because there were no visible signs of injury. Within the next couple of days I realized how much pain I had in my head and neck and that something wasn’t right. So I sought medical care from there. Then of course, just the trauma of O.K. now what are the next steps: Insurance, possibly and figuring out the extent of the medical care that I might need and later was you know, O.K. “I need an attorney.” I actually live up in Northern Colorado in the Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins area so I had sought out attorneys up there and they referred me to find an attorney down here [Denver]. I had seen the Bachus & Schanker ads also and so I…they don’t present a lot of hype and you know that extreme that we can get you millions, you know kind of thing over a simple accident. They [Bachus & Schanker] felt more real and just more competent. If you do have some injuries, especially like myself, cognitive head injuries, you are not thinking straight, you need to focus on your own well-being and let the professionals handle the insurance companies so that you are getting a fair shake. I just feel that Bachus & Schanker have been straight forward with me, not a lot of hype that we can…not empty promises, just straight forward, direct, “This is the way the process is and this is what we can and what the next steps are.” They have all been very encouraging and very helpful. I feel that you guys have been very good and very competent. You can put your trust in Bachus & Schanker that they are just straight forward, direct again, not a lot of hype and misleading. They will see you through from point A to point B and everything in between with your case and will do it very nicely and with a lot of encouragement.

Bachus & Schanker Client Testimonial


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