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2022 Guide to Class Action Settlements and Lawsuits

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2022 is another year, and another round of class action cases are making their way through the courts. Thousands of class-action claims are ongoing in state and federal courts at any given time. Whether filed individually or as a group, class action litigation led by a personal injury law firm, allows victims to seek justice from the legal system. Due to class action claims, many products have been made safer and are a valuable way to keep companies honest and acting with the best interests of consumers in mind. Here’s what you need to know from our Colorado class action attorneys:

List of major class action lawsuits and settlements in 2022

Class action lawsuits can include defective products, a breach of contract, medical malpractice, and more. Here are some of the most notable lawsuits and settlements in 2022:

1. Camp Lejeune Water Contamination – Thousands of United States Marine Corps service families and members of the class action lawsuit were exposed to toxic water at Camp Lejeune from 1953 to 1987. The contaminants may cause severe medical problems, including various cancers, Parkinson’s disease, multiple myeloma, and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. People living or working on base were unknowingly exposed to up to 70 dangerous chemicals at amounts that far exceed standard safety levels.

Previously, the Department of Veterans Affairs provided limited medical care and other benefits for victims who could prove their exposure. However, pending legislation is paving the way to a class action that may provide financial relief for thousands of victims. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 may allow victims to bring a tort action for injuries and wrongful death. At this time, debate continues over the bill in Congress, with legal actions to begin quickly once it is finalized.

2. Enfamil Baby Formula – Infants rely on baby formula to get the nutrition they need. Unfortunately, some premature babies suffered severe injuries after using the Enfamil formula. Infant deaths even occurred. Infants using the formula may suffer from necrotizing enterocolitis. The condition can be very serious and may cause perforations in the intestinal wall and other complications. Premature infants using the formula are much more likely to develop these conditions.

The class action is based on allegations that Mead Johnson Nutrition failed to warn parents about the potential dangers. They say that with better warnings, parents and medical providers could have made different decisions and better monitored the infants for signs of complications. New cases continue to be filed, and litigation is ongoing in 2022.

3. Roundup Monsanto – Litigants claim that Roundup products caused cancer and other health problems. Victims say that exposure to the active ingredient, glyphosate, contributes to serious illnesses, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The World Health Organization classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic” in 2015. The legal claims are against Bayer, which purchased manufacturer Monsanto in 2018.

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed, and the results are mixed. Juries have awarded millions in compensation, but verdicts have also returned in favor of the defense. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a multi-million dollar award, despite Bayer’s argument that the sizable award violated the U.S. Constitution.

4.Ralph Lauren Cotton Controversy – Ralph Lauren advertised a sweater as “Fine luxurious yarns crafted from Pima Cotton fibers.” But that wasn’t exactly true. The manufacturer blended Pima Cotton with other kinds of cotton with shorter fibers. Plaintiffs in the class-action claim that these other fibers aren’t as good and that Ralph Lauren misled them. As this litigation is ongoing, Ralph Lauren executive Howard Smith resigned, effective April 2, 2022, citing non-specific company policy violations.

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5. Cryptocurrency Crisis: Coinbase – The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is answering to a class action filed in June 2022. Plaintiffs say Coinbase was negligent in listing particular currency and failed to disclose a relevant financial relationship that it allegedly had with Terraform Labs. Another suit surrounds GYEN. Consumers say they have millions of dollars in losses and seek class-action status for their claims.

6. Noom Doom – Weight-loss app Noom has helped thousands of people lose weight. However, consumers say it wasn’t so easy when they tried to lose the app by canceling their subscriptions. They say they signed up for a free trial, but it wasn’t clear that their subscription would be automatically renewed with a charge after the trial period. They say that the company made it complicated to cancel subscriptions, resulting in non-refundable payments that consumers didn’t want. Noom has agreed to pay damages and provide subscription credits.

7. Marriott Mayhem – Hotel chain giant Marriott faces a class action claim over a data breach impacting as many as 133 million people. A judge has given the case class action status. Marriott says that millions of unencrypted passport numbers, credit card information, and other sensitive details may have been exposed. Claimants want damages, saying it took the company four years to discover that the information was being hacked. They allege that the company didn’t disclose the breach until months later.

8. Hand Sanitizer Misrepresentation – No review of 2022 class action lawsuits would be complete without a discussion of claims related to the COVID pandemic. One claim is against Target Corporation and its marketing of hand sanitizer products. Consumers say that the store claimed their hand sanitizer “Kills 99.99% of germs” but didn’t have any scientific basis. Other lawsuits have been filed against hand sanitizer manufacturers based on their marketing representations. Consumers say the marketing was deceptive, leading them to believe that their products had medical benefits that were not verified.

9. Travel Plans in Turmoil

United Airlines – Air travel may be more challenging than ever, and the issues have made their way into various legal claims. One is against United Airlines Inc. over ticketing refunds for travel disrupted by COVID-19. Plaintiffs say they weren’t refunded for canceled flights or flights with significant schedule changes. They say they were offered future travel credits, but refunds were required based on the air carrier’s Conditions of Carriage.

Frontier and Spirit Airlines – United Airlines isn’t the only airline whose class-action status is up in the air, with Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines also facing class action claims. The proposed merger between the companies is turning heads, with plaintiffs saying a resulting monopoly could hurt workers, raise prices and reduce overall service. The merger would make Spirit-Frontier the largest ultra-low-cost carrier.

The case is still in the early stages, with initial case filings received on May 13, 2022. Scheduling orders have been issued.

10. Georgia Department of Labor Unemployment Benefits

Claimants say the Georgia Department of Labor took too long to pay unemployment benefits during the COVID pandemic. The Department has agreed to make changes and improvements. They say their staff of a few thousand people was too small to handle the influx of millions of people who filed a complaint at once.

At the height of the pandemic, unemployment in the state was as high as 12.6%, with some people waiting years for hearings in their cases. Litigants claim that thousands of people still wait for their cases to be resolved.

2022 Class Action Facts

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What is a class action lawsuit?

Many plaintiffs join in a class action lawsuit in a single legal claim. They combine their resources on the common parts of a claim – legal pleadings, discovery, and settlement negotiations. The purpose of a class action lawsuit is to allow all the parties to litigate their claims efficiently.

Can I join a class action lawsuit?

Whether you can join a class action lawsuit depends on whether you’re a part of the group represented in the litigation. In addition, class action claims have time frames to follow for joining the class. Each case has its timeline and instructions for how to join. Experienced class action law firms will know the specific details regarding certain cases.

How can a class action help a consumer?

Class action lawsuits often involve relatively small matters – for example, there may be an issue with a product costing $50. It wouldn’t make sense for a consumer to hire a lead counsel and pursue expensive litigation for something that costs $50. However, thousands of plaintiffs together can have legal representation, and it makes financial sense to pursue their claims.

Consumers deserve justice, whether their claims are large or small. Even in claims with more significant damage amounts, the option for a class action allows consumers to pursue their personal injury cases faster and more efficiently.

Is a class action lawsuit a crime?

A class action lawsuit is a civil case. It seeks compensation and other relief for the plaintiffs. Criminal convictions and jail time are not pursued in the case.

What should I do if I think I have a class action?

Talk to our class action attorneys if you think you have a class action claim. There are specific steps to take to pursue a case as a class action. Whether dealing with insurance companies, auto accident damages, or creating a claim, our personal injury lawyers can help you determine if your personal injury claim is valid and the type of case that is appropriate to pursue as a class action claim.


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