10 Personal Injury Lawsuits That May Occur Due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus has threatened our normal way of life in new ways. Although people are trying to adjust quickly, there are new dangers. Despite taking precautions, personal injury accidents are bound to occur. There may be several different types of lawsuits that result from the Coronavirus crisis. From our personal injury attorneys, here are 10 personal injury lawsuits that may occur due to Coronavirus:

1. Store Slip and Falls

Store Slip and Falls

As the realities of the Coronavirus crisis set in across the United States, panic-buying has also set in. Shoppers have scrambled to scoop up necessary goods, including toilet paper, hand sanitizer and paper towels. Many stores were not ready for the surge.

When a massive number of shoppers try to claim the same products, a slip and fall accident can result. Even just the presence of large groups of shoppers can create hazards. Shoppers with disabilities may be particularly at risk.

Stores are expected to quickly remedy dangers in their stores. Even though the Coronavirus crisis is unprecedented, stores still have the legal obligation to react appropriately. Store slip and fall personal injury lawsuits may occur because shoppers have a higher risk of getting hurt.

2. Nursing Home Lawsuits

Nursing Home Patient

Some of the hardest-hit people from the Coronavirus crisis are people who live in nursing homes. Residents of nursing homes have some of the highest infection rates because of COVID-19. Too often, the nursing homes reacted too late when the virus became a problem. The result was often devastating to the entire community.

Injured residents and their families may bring a personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim. They may deserve compensation based on the nursing home’s failure to take sufficient steps to protect their residents. Nursing home personal injury lawsuits may be one of the result of the Coronavirus crisis.

3. Medical Malpractice – Poor Medical Care

Medical professionals have an obligation to provide adequate medical care to their patients. This commitment is no different for COVID-19 patients. Even though Coronavirus is a new challenge in modern medicine, healthcare professionals still have to provide care that is up to adequate standards.

Caregivers must also be reasonably trained. When treatment protocol changes quickly, healthcare providers have to keep their skills up to date. Medical malpractice legal standards are still in place during the Coronavirus crisis. Failing to provide adequate care can be the basis of a medical malpractice personal injury lawsuit.

4. Medical Malpractice – Refused Medical Care

During the Coronavirus crisis, some government officials created guidelines to ration medical care. Routine appointments were rescheduled, and routine physicals and screenings were put off. Doctors may face medical malpractice when they do not schedule their patients for needed appointments. Where a doctor-patient relationship exists, refusing care can result in a legal claim.

5. Workers Compensation – Contracting COVID-19 at Work

Many employees still have to go to work during the COVID-19 crisis. They may not have the option to stay home. Contracting Coronavirus is a constant threat for hardworking employees.

Workers’ compensation covers any work-related illness or injury. If an employee contracts COVID-19 while working, they deserve the protection and benefits of workers’ compensation. Of course, employers should be providing their employees with personal protective equipment (PPE) and reasonable sanitation measures. However, workers’ compensation applies whether or not the employer is negligent in allowing the disease to spread. If an employer gets COVID-19 at work, they may bring a lawsuit for fair treatment in the workers’ compensation system.

6. Workers Compensation – Other Injuries Related to COVID-19

Because of the Coronavirus crisis, many businesses are in disarray. They may be operating with a skeleton staff for financial reasons. On the other hand, a business may be more popular than usual and suddenly understaffed. The company may be hastily hiring employees who are inadequately trained.

Staffing issues may produce work-related injuries. Employees may be asked to do tasks they’re not trained to do. They may be required to do things that are not reasonable. Any kind of work-related injury may fall under workers’ compensation. The injury doesn’t have to be directly tied to Coronavirus. Any way that a work injury occurs may be a personal injury lawsuit related to Coronavirus.

7. Product Liability for Dangerous Products

Even in the age of Coronavirus, manufacturers have to take care to make safe products. They have to ensure that they design products that can be used safely. In their haste, manufacturers might try to get a product to the market too quickly. Products like miracle cures, hand sanitizer and face masks may not work as intended.

Design defects, manufacturing defects and inadequate instructions can all be grounds for a product liability lawsuit. Companies that make products relating to Coronavirus should be aware that product liability laws apply. Personal injury lawsuits may be the result of defective products.

8. Landlord-Tenant Personal Injury Lawsuits

Landlords have to keep their properties safe. A dense apartment complex can be a breeding ground for the spread of Coronavirus. Despite stay at home orders, some residents may not be safe in their homes. Landlords have a duty to maintain the common areas of their properties. They must make reasonable repairs despite temporary public health orders. Coronavirus personal injury lawsuits may relate to living conditions and a landlord’s failure to provide a safe environment for tenants.

9. Prison Inmates in Unsanitary Conditions

Prison inmates have a right to adequate care and treatment. Jails and prisons have to take reasonable care of the people in their charge. Serious health dangers may mean that prison inmates are not receiving adequate care, and a lawsuit may be based on constitutional protections or personal injury law.

10. Cruise Ship Lawsuits

Coronavirus Cruise Ship

Because of Coronavirus, many people have been stranded on cruise ships. They have been lingering on cruise ships for days, weeks and sometimes even longer as they wait to dock because some passengers have Coronavirus. If the cruise companies don’t take adequate care of their passengers, the result may be a personal injury lawsuit.

Attorneys for Coronavirus Lawsuits

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