Who Is Involved In A Workers’ Comp Claim?

Suffering an injury at work can be a difficult and stressful experience for anyone. Regardless of the severity of the injury, it’s important to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible in order to receive proper compensation for your injuries. Retaining an attorney as soon as you can will allow you to ensure your claims are brought in a timely manner and will likely result in you reaching a settlement more quickly. 

The Colorado workers’ compensation claim attorneys at Bachus & Schanker are here to help ensure you know your rights and receive proper compensation for your incident.

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What is workers’ compensation? 

If you’re injured at work, you are entitled to medical care and replacement income. This is known as workers’ compensation. Unlike typical personal injury lawsuits, the injured worker does not have to prove that the employer did anything negligent to cause the incident. By choosing to work with a workers’ compensation claim lawyer, the injured employee can ensure that they obtain fair benefits through the legal system. 

What causes a workplace injury? 

While there may be many possibilities that can cause a workplace injury, some of the most common causes of injuries that can occur on the job include: 

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Car and vehicle accidents
  • Falls from elevated surfaces
  • Electrical accidents, electrocutions
  • Stuck between accidents, crushing accidents
  • Heavy machinery accidents
  • Long-term exposure to chemicals, occupational illness
  • Overexertion, strains, repetitive task injuries
  • Blunt force trauma

Regardless of the cause of your workplace injury, it’s essential to seek medical attention immediately. Not only is it important for your own health and safety, but having medical records from the date of the accident can be beneficial to establish your claims. 

Our Colorado workers’ compensation claim attorneys at Bachus & Schanker are here to handle the legal work while you focus on your recovery. Our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible for you. 

What is an IME for workers’ comp?

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) is a type of medical appointment used in workers’ compensation cases to resolve questions regarding the medical condition at hand for purposes of a workers’ comp claim. These reports are essential to get an expert opinion on the injuries in question. Physicians performing IMEs are often well-versed in their specialty and can provide a thorough and useful expert opinion on the injured employee’s condition and future medical care. 

What happens after a workers’ comp IME?

Following the workers’ compensation IME, the physician will generate a medical report that may be used by counsel on either side of the claim. It’s important to review the IME report with your attorney to ensure that there are no factual errors or other mistakes. Once this IME report has been created, it’s possible for the physician to be questioned in a deposition or to be called as an expert witness should the case go to trial.  

How can a workers’ comp attorney help me? 

Workers’ compensation claims can be stressful, so having proper legal guidance can be helpful in order to be successful and receive maximum compensation. If you’re still wondering what role a workers’ compensation attorney will play in your lawsuit, an experienced attorney will be able to offer and handle the following: 

  • File your workers’ compensation claim
  • Ensure that your claim includes necessary details, such as medical information and lost wages details
  • Review the categories of compensation, and help you apply for all the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve
  • Determine if you’re being paid fairly for lost income
  • Understand the steps involved in a claim, and knowing what to do at each stage
  • File appeals and request hearings
  • Evaluate other types of compensation and whether these remedies are appropriate for your case

Why should you choose Bachus & Schanker? 

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We know how daunting and intimidating a workplace injury can be, and we’re here to make sure you don’t have to go through it alone. Let our team of legal experts handle the logistics and necessary steps on your behalf while you focus on recovering. 

Our team of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys is here to guide you through the workers’ comp process to see to it that you handle your workplace injuries properly and are able to reach the best settlement possible. We are here to answer all of your questions and fight for your legal rights. 


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