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Employment discrimination attorneys in Fort Collins can help you fight back against wrongful treatment in the workplace. If you’re discriminated against at your job, or if you’re refused employment, you can take action. Our Fort Collins personal injury attorneys represent individuals who are victims of wrongful acts by employers. We are dedicated to helping you seek justice after discrimination.

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Do you need help understanding if you are the victim of discrimination? Are you ready to take action to fight back against discrimination? Our Fort Collins attorneys are a full-service legal team with the skills and resources to fight for justice on your behalf. We exclusively represent victims. That’s how committed we are to helping people in our community who are treated unfairly.

Please contact us as soon as possible, as there are time limits that apply to filing a claim for employee discrimination in the workplace. Consultations with our attorneys are always free, and the attorney-client privilege applies. We invite you to get to know us and see how we can help. Let’s work together to seek justice for you. Call today.

There are a few options and avenues that may be available to victims to fight against discrimination in the workplace:

  1. Report the discrimination to a government agency for investigation. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Colorado Department of Civil Rights may investigate and impose corrective actions on the employer.
  2. File a legal claim. Pursuing legal action may result in financial compensation, including back pay and emotional anguish damages.
  3. Report the discrimination to human resources.
  4. Take action based on a union contract or individual employment contract, if applicable.

The best action to take in your case depends on various factors. Remember, you are not alone. Let our team of Fort Collins employment discrimination attorneys customize a plan for you.

A civil employment attorney handles employment discrimination law and related employment discrimination cases. They represent victims against employers, and the claims do not go through criminal court. Instead, they are initiated by the victims themselves. The victim’s attorney builds the evidence for the lawsuit on behalf of their client and takes procedural steps to process the case.

Several different actions in the workplace may qualify as discrimination:

  • Firing
  • Refusing to hire 
  • Making working conditions so intolerable that the victim feels like they have to quit (hostile work environment)
  • Assigning more difficult work duties
  • Making assignments, schedules or duties that are based on a protected characteristic
  • Not considering someone for a promotion because of their gender, age or background
  • Refusing reasonable accommodations for a disability or religion

Overweight employee discrimination is another common type of unfair treatment that happens in the workplace. This occurs when a worker is treated differently because of their weight.

Disparate treatment and disparate impact in the workplace are two ways that discrimination can occur. Disparate treatment means taking direct actions against a protected class. An example would be assigning job duties based on race or gender.

Disparate impact in the workplace occurs when the classifications sound neutral, but they play out to discriminate against a protected class. For example, a minimum height requirement may prevent women from taking a job. Disparate impact may or may not be illegal depending on whether there is a legitimate business need for the rule. It’s important to carefully investigate and build evidence to show disparate treatment or impact.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Colorado Civil Rights Division perform similar functions to investigate and remedy discrimination. You have 300 days from the day the discrimination occurs to file a report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You have only 180 days to make a report to the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

After you have a determination from their investigation, there is a limit of 90 days to initiate your civil lawsuit for damages. Failing to meet deadlines can prevent you from getting justice. It’s always important and beneficial to work with our Fort Collins employment discrimination attorneys as soon as possible.

Yes, financial compensation is a remedy that you can claim due to discrimination in a job. If you lose your job, miss out on promotions or you’re not hired, financial compensation may be an appropriate remedy. Mental and emotional suffering often goes along with unfair treatment, so that may be a type of financial compensation available to you as well.

Other remedies for discrimination may include:

Proving discrimination requires evidence like you would use to prove any other kind of legal claim. Witness testimony is often powerful evidence. Witnesses may make written statements, sit for depositions and even testify in court. In addition, human resources records, emails and other documentation may be vital to proving discrimination.

Employment discrimination cases require a great deal of evidence. The victim must show how they were treated differently from others, how this treatment depended on a protected class and how they were damaged by it. Building the evidence through careful case preparation is essential. One way that your Fort Collins employment discrimination attorney assists you is by methodically building the evidence, so you have firm proof of what occurred.

Age is discrimination in employment is adverse employment action or unfair treatment against someone who is age 40 or older. Age discrimination employment laws apply to protect those 40 and over from being treated differently or refused employment. Refusing to hire someone, terminating someone or giving different job duties may all count as age discrimination in employment. 

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 and the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act are the laws that prohibit unfair treatment based on age.

What laws protect employees from job discrimination? The Colorado Anti Discrimination Act prohibits discrimination based on a variety of classes, including:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Creed
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Age
  • National origin
  • Marriage to a coworkers
  • Participating in jury duty
  • Taking protective leave
  • Ancestry

To win your case, you must show that you are negatively impacted by discrimination. Our attorneys can guide you through the complaint process and gather the necessary evidence. We are there to support you every step of the way.


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