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Burn injuries can occur in a variety of accidents and situations. If you’re the victim of a burn injury, we invite you to contact our Englewood burn injury attorneys. We’re an experienced team of personal injury lawyers. Our legal team understands how devastating it can be to suffer from a burn injury. Let us fight for compensation for you.

About our Englewood burn injury attorneys

The Englewood burn injury attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC have devoted our entire practice to helping victims. The key to getting a good result in your case is thoroughly documenting why the other party is at fault along with examining the wide variety of damages that may apply to the case. Our Englewood burn injury attorneys have experience helping victims proceed through the legal process and maximize their case results.

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Common Causes Of Burn Injuries

Our legal team handles burn injury cases from a variety of causes. There are a wide range of ways that burns can occur. Here are some of the common causes of burn injuries:

  • Vehicle fires
  • House fires
  • Electrocution
  • Chemical spills
  • Errors during construction projects
  • Malfunctioning household appliances
  • Fireworks
  • Not following OSHA requirements, industrial equipment failures
  • Defective products
  • Poorly marked fire experts
  • Not following safety protocols
  • Radiation
  • Artificial light
  • Cooking
  • Steam
  • Buildings in disrepair; vehicles and boats kept in poor repair
  • Space heaters that malfunction

The critical thing for determining whether you have a legal claim is how the burn occurred and who is responsible for it. Any cause of a burn injury may be the basis of a legal negligence claim.

To prove a burn injury lawsuit, you demonstrate each element of negligence. Here are the elements of negligence:

  1. Another party was negligent  - Acting negligently means not using enough care. A person must use a reasonable amount of care for any given situation. That means at least up to the minimum based on an ordinary, reasonable person. If another party was negligent, you may have a legal claim.
  2. The other party had a duty of care towards the victim - The person or organization that acts negligently must have had a legal duty of care. There are all kinds of ways that duties exist in society. A business has a duty of care towards their customers. Drivers have a duty toward others on the roads. There are many ways that the defendant may have a legal duty to the victim.
  3. The negligence is the cause of the burn - The victim must show the defendant’s negligence caused the burn. The accident must be the cause of the victim’s injuries. Medical testimony may be used in order to establish causation.

Injuries occurred that require treatment; other damages - When bringing a burn injury case, the victim must show what damages they have. There must be thorough documentation of medical injuries and the expenses associated with treating them. The victim must thoroughly document all of their losses including pain and suffering.


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