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Englewood Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyers

When your accident involves an Uber or Lyft driver, getting your compensation can be complex. Our Englewood Uber and Accident lawyers represent individuals who are injured in accidents involving:

  • Rideshare passengers
  • Drivers in other vehicles
  • Passengers in other vehicles
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Rideshare drivers when another party is at fault for the accident

Both Uber and Lyft offer an insurance guarantee1 for liability coverage to pay covered claims. Let our lawyers evaluate your case to determine who is at fault and how to get the compensation that you deserve.

Injured while using a ridesharing service in Englewood, CO? You deserve compensation. Contact our rideshare accident attorneys for a free consultation.

How Can Our Lyft and Uber Accident Lawyers Help?

Our Lyft and Uber accident lawyers specialize in representing injured victims in rideshare accidents. When you’re hurt, we can answer all your questions, including:

  • Who is at fault for the accident?
  • Do I deserve financial compensation? Who is responsible for paying?
  • How do I go about claiming compensation?
  • How do I report the accident to the insurance company? What do I say?
  • What special laws apply to rideshare accidents2 that I need to know?
  • Do I qualify to access the $1 million Uber and Lyft accident guarantee? How do I go about claiming it?
  • How do I negotiate effectively? What do I say in negotiations?
  • What categories of compensation apply to my claim? How do I document and submit for my losses?
  • Should I settle my case? Should I go to trial? How do I negotiate a settlement?

We are experienced car accident lawyers and litigators. We can negotiate a settlement or aggressively present your case in court. We work through each step of the case to meet your personal goals and get you the maximum amount for your personal injury claim.

What Are the Common Causes of Uber and Lyft Accidents?

Rideshare accidents can occur at any time, and are often linked to distracted driving and negligence. Some common causes of Uber and Lyft accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Picking or dropping off passengers in unsafe ways
  • Violating rules of the road, running a red light or stop sign
  • A driver looking for passengers and not paying attention to the road
  • Texting or interacting with the rideshare app while driving
  • Failing to inspect or properly maintain the vehicle
  • Improper lane changes
  • Vehicle defects
  • An Uber or Lyft driver rushing to complete a ride and cutting off others in traffic
  • Drunk driving, drugged driving, driving under the influence
  • Reckless driving

In Colorado, legal liability depends on who causes the accident, which is not always the rideshare driver. Don’t assume you know who is at fault without talking to a lawyer. Also, don’t give up if the other side doesn’t admit their role in causing the accident. Let our lawyers investigate and build the case for you.

What Should You Do Following a Rideshare Accident?

The time immediately following a Lyft or Uber accident can be scary and disorienting. However, it’s important to take the rights steps after the crash to ensure your safety and to successfully claim compensation. After a rideshare accident, you should:

  1. Call 911. If there are no injuries, call the local non-emergency police line.
  2. Move out of the roadway and make sure you’re safe.
  3. Get information for all the drivers, including the driver’s Uber or Lyft identification number and insurance policies.
  4. Report the accident to the rideshare company through the app or online.
  5. Cooperate with the police investigation.
  6. Don’t say too much at the accident scene or admit fault.
  7. Take photos of everything and a video that pans around the accident scene.
  8. Get names and contact information of witnesses—their input may be critical later, even if you don’t realize it now.
  9. Continue to monitor for injuries and the need for medical care.
  10. Don’t accept any settlement offers until you’ve talked to a lawyer.

Don’t wait to contact a rideshare accident lawyer. You need to make claims and reports to the appropriate insurance companies, and what you do in the minutes and days following a rideshare accident can determine what you receive in monetary compensation. Let our lawyers help you do everything right.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for a Rideshare Accident?

Parties who can be held responsible for a rideshare accident are:

  • The rideshare driver (independent contractor)
  • Another vehicle driver
  • The rideshare company through their $1 million insurance guarantee
  • A company that employs a driver or owns a motor vehicle
  • Governments who design, build and maintain roads
  • Vehicle manufacturers for design and manufacturing defects
  • A passenger who causes a distraction

Just like there are many causes of an accident, many parties may have responsibility. Even a party who is not physically present at the accident scene may be liable to pay. Our lawyers look beyond the immediate situation to evaluate all legal fault and avenues for you to receive fair compensation.

What Compensation Can Rideshare Accident Victims Recover in Englewood, CO?

The compensation that rideshare accident victims can receive in Englewood includes both economic and non-economic damages, such as:

  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Long-term medical expenses
  • Surgeries, x-rays, blood work and tests
  • Costs of prescriptions
  • Treatment for anxiety, PTSD and flashbacks
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damages
  • Emotional anguish
  • Costs of getting to medical appointments
  • Expenses for household care and child care if the victim used to provide these services
  • Lost wages

Our Lyft and Uber accident attorneys can help you identify the types of losses you have and what they are worth before making an accident claim. We want to ensure you get the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

Why Work With Bachus & Schanker Rideshare Accident Lawyers?

Your case begins with a free consultation with our Uber and Lyft accident attorney team. Let us help you understand the laws for rideshare accidents and what you might qualify to claim in your legal case.
We can provide unbiased and confidential information about your rights and options. Then, if you decide to work with us, our personal injury attorneys handle every aspect of your case until you have justice. Call us today or use our convenient messaging app to get started.

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1Uber. Auto insurance to help protect you. Retrieved 29 December 2021.

2CRS 40-10.1-604

Yes, you can sue Uber if you get in an accident. If the crash is the fault of the rideshare driver, they are legally liable for your harm. Uber may be liable for the actions of their drivers. The company provides insurance to help drivers pay legal claims when an accident occurs. Whether you can sue Uber if you get in an accident depends on whether the Uber driver is at fault for the accident and the laws in your state.

In Colorado, the victim has legal rights to compensation whenever the other driver is at fault. In some states, there are injury thresholds that the victim has to meet in order to have the legal grounds to bring a claim. The rule in Colorado is that you can claim monetary damages whether you have very severe injuries or only minor injuries. Our Englewood attorneys for Lyft and Uber accidents can help you understand whether you have a legal claim and what you might stand to receive in compensation.


"Considering every other Lawyer in town wanted money up front (even the so called "Strong Arm") and me nor my family had enough money to pay a lawyer and keep our heads above water. Bachus and Schanker did not charge us a PENNY, they even assisted with Uber/Lyft rides to my doctors appointment. Even months after my case being settled I still get check in's from the staff. So very blessed that we choose Bachus & Schanker. It seems people on here give them a hard time because they are a large law firm, which they are, however I can say from my 2 years as a client they really do try their hardest to make sure all their clients are getting the attention they deserve. "
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