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Englewood Lyft and Uber Accident Attorneys

Our Englewood Uber accident attorneys and Englewood Lyft accident attorneys are ready to help if you've been the victim of a rideshare accident. With aggressive legal representation and thorough knowledge of the law, we will help you get the financial relief you need and deserve. 

If you want to exercise your right to monetary compensation after an accident or have questions about your rights after a rideshare crash, we invite you to contact our Englewood personal injury attorneys for your free and confidential consultation.

Lawyers for Uber and Lyft Accidents in Englewood

As lawyers for Uber and Lyft accidents in Englewood, we're dedicated to helping you get justice through your accident claim. Here are some of the ways that our legal team helps you with your case:

  • Investigating the causes of the accident to determine your legal rights
  • Gathering names of witnesses and records from the rideshare company even if they are uncooperative
  • Determining what insurance policies and self-insurance from the rideshare company might be applicable in the case
  • Using legal procedure like subpoenas, depositions and interrogatories to build the case
  • Understanding the types of compensation that may apply to the claim
  • Building the evidence to prove legal fault and the compensation that you deserve
  • Speaking to everyone necessary on your behalf - you don't have to talk to the Uber or Lyft representative yourself or the insurance company
  • Representation at court hearings and trial, if necessary
  • Skilled negotiation of the settlement in the case

Legal compensation is meant to be comprehensive. In fact, many people are surprised by the value of their case. However, determining what a case is worth can be a complex matter. Our lawyers for Lyft and Uber accidents in Englewood have the training to understand the maximum value of the case and pursue it aggressively until you have the fair compensation that you deserve.

Englewood Uber and Lyft Attorneys Free Consultation

Your case begins with a free consultation with our Uber and Lyft accident attorney team. Let us help you understand the laws for rideshare accidents and what you might qualify to claim in your legal case. We can provide unbiased and confidential information about your rights and options. Then, if you decide to work with us, we fight relentlessly until you have justice. Call us today or use our convenient messaging app to get started.

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Yes, you can sue Uber if you get in an accident. If the crash is the fault of the rideshare driver, they are legally liable for your harm. Uber may be liable for the actions of their drivers. The company provides insurance to help drivers pay legal claims when an accident occurs. Whether you can sue Uber if you get in an accident depends on whether the Uber driver is at fault for the accident and the laws in your state.

In Colorado, the victim has legal rights to compensation whenever the other driver is at fault. In some states, there are injury thresholds that the victim has to meet in order to have the legal grounds to bring a claim. The rule in Colorado is that you can claim monetary damages whether you have very severe injuries or only minor injuries. Our Englewood attorneys for Lyft and Uber accidents can help you understand whether you have a legal claim and what you might stand to receive in compensation.


"Considering every other Lawyer in town wanted money up front (even the so called "Strong Arm") and me nor my family had enough money to pay a lawyer and keep our heads above water. Bachus and Schanker did not charge us a PENNY, they even assisted with Uber/Lyft rides to my doctors appointment. Even months after my case being settled I still get check in's from the staff. So very blessed that we choose Bachus & Schanker. It seems people on here give them a hard time because they are a large law firm, which they are, however I can say from my 2 years as a client they really do try their hardest to make sure all their clients are getting the attention they deserve. "
-Liam Padilla

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