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Employees have legal rights; however, there are times when employers disregard those rights and act unlawfully. Employees can turn to an employment law attorney for legal counsel. They may have grounds to seek justice through a civil lawsuit. If you’re looking for an ‘employment law attorney near me,’ Bachus & Schanker’s Colorado Springs attorneys are here to help.

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What is an employment law attorney? 

Lawyers spend years studying law to prepare for their legal careers. They choose a specialty in law school and take studies relevant to that field of law while earning their law degree. When you have employment law issues, you need an employment lawyer with specialized training to represent your interests. In addition to their familiarity with relevant laws, employment lawyers are familiar with court rulings that establish legal precedents that can help clients win employment lawsuits. 

Employment lawyers are familiar with local, state, and federal labor laws. Colorado Springs employment attorneys may work for employers or employees. These legal experts may advise employers about their legal obligations, prepare employment contracts for new hires, and evaluate or create employment guidelines that comply with applicable laws.

Colorado Springs employment law lawyers may represent the interests of employees by providing feedback about work contracts or taking legal action if an employer violates the employee’s rights. Employment attorneys may also participate in union negotiations and represent parties during labor disputes. 

Do I need an employment law attorney? 

You may need an employment law attorney if you’re reviewing a contract offer from a potential employer. Your attorney can review the contract, identify language issues that need clarification, and explain each clause’s legal implications. Your attorney may point out things you should add to the agreement or changes to the language to protect your rights.

Mistreatment by an employer is another reason to hire an employment attorney. Mistreatment occurs when employees experience discrimination, retaliation, harassment, unfair termination, or unfair compensation.


Employers may mistreat or discriminate against employees for several reasons, including the following:

  • Disabilities: The law protects people with disabilities from unfair discrimination and requires employers to provide appropriate accommodations to employees with disabilities
  • Gender: Employers may be liable for mistreating someone based on their gender
  • Pregnancy: Some employers may terminate pregnant employees instead of accommodating their needs during pregnancy. Such actions may violate the employee’s rights. 
  • Race: Racial discrimination is grounds for a lawsuit against your employer
  • Religion: Employers must not discriminate against employees because of their religion. The employer may also be required to accommodate employees’ religious holidays.
  • Sexual orientation: Discrimination based on an employee’s sexual orientation can be grounds for legal action


Some employers retaliate against employees because they need time off for family medical emergencies or for reporting legal violations. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law protecting employees who need time off due to family medical emergencies, and whistleblower laws protect employees who report some workplace concerns, such as environmental or safety regulation violations. 


Workplace harassment is grounds for legal action. Some employers harass employees because they dislike them or have biases against the employee. Employees may also have grounds to sue their employer for sexual harassment if they make inappropriate remarks or engage in improper conduct. 

Wrongful termination 

Employment law also addresses wrongful dismissal. Suppose you’ve worked for your employer for a year, have had no disciplinary action during this time, and have received favorable evaluations earning you raises since you were hired. Your employer terminates your employment, claiming they’re eliminating your position. After your termination, the employer hires a family member to perform your duties. You have grounds for a wrongful dismissal case against your employer. 

Unfair compensation

Some employers attempt to pay employees less than they’re owed by paying for fewer hours than the employee worked, denying employees breaks, or paying regular wages instead of compensating for overtime hours worked. 

When should I hire an attorney? 

You should hire an employment attorney if you need counsel before entering a legal agreement with an employer or if you believe your employer has violated your rights. Our Colorado Springs employment law attorneys offer the following services:

  • Provide legal counsel: We will review contracts or employment handbooks and highlight areas of concern or ambiguity that could jeopardize your rights in a dispute
  • Represent your rights: There are several potential steps we can take to resolve your employment issues, including the following:
    • File a complaint: Agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigate complaints and enforce employment laws
    • File a lawsuit: Severe issues, such as retaliation or wrongful termination, may be addressed through a civil lawsuit. Your attorney will explain your options, file the appropriate legal paperwork, investigate and prepare your case, and attend settlement negotiations with the defendant to get you the justice you deserve. 

How a Bachus & Schanker employment law attorney can help

Bachus & Schanker employment law attorneys use all our firm’s resources to fight for justice. Our Victim’s Advocates team employs people with law enforcement and legal experience. These advocates help investigate cases and support victims of sexual harassment and other crimes as they go through the legal process.

Our advocates will inform you of resources you can use for financial and personal support while we resolve your case. We’ll handle all the legal requirements to ensure you receive a fair settlement. 


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