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How to Report Elder Abuse

Posted in on January 17, 2018

Elder abuse is a serious epidemic in Colorado and throughout the United States. If you suspect elder abuse, you need to report it to the right person or agencies. Where do you report elder abuse? How can you stop elder abuse? Here’s what you need to know from our Denver attorneys for elder abuse.

How to Report Elder Abuse in Colorado

To report elder abuse in Colorado, make a report to Adult Protective Services. Call the phone number for the Adult Protective Services office in the county where the senior lives. In addition to reporting elder abuse to adult protective services in Colorado, you should also report elder abuse to the police. You should make the report to the local police department where the senior lives. If the case is severe and you fear for the elder’s safety, call 911.

Before Reporting Elder Abuse

Reporting Elder Abuse in Colorado

When you suspect elder abuse in Colorado, there are several places to make your report. In all cases, you should start with Adult Protective Services 1. You should also formally speak with the police about your concerns. Here are some of the ways that you can report elder abuse in Colorado:

Adult Protective Services – The first place to report elder abuse in Colorado is Adult Protective Services. Adult Protective Services is a division of the Colorado Department of Human Services. The division exists to investigate and intervene when there is suspected vulnerable adult abuse.

To make a report to APS, you make the report directly to the branch office where the vulnerable adult lives. For example, if the senior you’re concerned about lives in Denver County, you make the report to the Denver APS intake office at (720) 944-2994. The Department of Human Services publishes a list of county intake numbers 2. You find the number for the county where the senior lives, and you call and make the report.

When you make a report to APS, they need to know the name and address of the senior that you’re concerned about. It’s also important to tell them exactly what your concerns are. The more information that you can provide, the better. If you have the identification and address of the person you believe is responsible, it’s helpful to give APS that information. With the information that you provide, APS will conduct an investigation. They are in a position to take emergency action to protect your loved one.

Police – In addition to making a report to Adult Protective Services, you should make a report to the local police. The police are the ones who investigate to see if a crime has occurred. They have the power to do things like access records that might be important to determine if a senior is being abused. If the police believe that abuse has occurred, they prepare a report and send it to the state prosecutor to review for criminal charges. The police typically aren’t the ones that can do an emergency removal or guardianship for a senior. However, they can hold wrongdoers accountable by investigating for criminal charges in the event of elder abuse.

Care Providers – If your loved one lives in a care facility, you might report the suspected abuse to managers of the facility. It might be appropriate to remove your loved one from the facility. Depending on your loved one’s living situation, reporting the abuse to care providers can help stop the abuse and ensure that your loved one is safe.

Civil Action for Compensation – When elder abuse occurs, the victim may be able to bring a civil claim for compensation. Bringing a civil action is something that the elder initiates themselves. Alternatively, it can be initiated by someone acting on the senior’s behalf. A civil action is a way to hold a wrongdoer accountable. It’s also a way to get financial compensation that the victim needs and deserves. Even if the police don’t press charges, you can initiate a civil action on your own. An experienced attorney can represent the senior and ensure the claim is handled appropriately.

Who Do You Report Elder Financial Abuse To?

You report elder financial abuse to the police and Adult Protective Services. You may also bring the matter to the attention of the courts in a guardianship proceeding. Adult Protective Services, the police, and the civil courts each have a different role in responding to elder financial abuse too. If you suspect financial abuse, you should report it to adult protective services and the police. If it’s appropriate, you should institute a guardianship proceeding and a civil action to stop the abuse.

What Is the Definition of Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is any act or failure to act that poses an unreasonable risk of harm to a senior. There are many different types of elder abuse, including physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental harm, isolation, and financial exploitation. Elder abuse is any act or omission that results in harm to a senior or creates an unreasonable risk of harm to a senior.

What Are the Consequences of Elder Abuse?

The consequences of elder abuse are emotional pain, loneliness, physical harm, and even a decreased life expectancy. Because of elder abuse, a victim may not have the resources that they need to provide for their care. Elder abuse damages the victim physically, emotionally, or financially. The consequences of elder abuse include suffering and instability for the senior victim and their family.

Can You Go to Jail for Elder Abuse?

Yes, you can go to jail for elder abuse. Elder abuse is a crime in all states. Some states have unique laws that prohibit elder abuse, while other states make penalties for certain crimes more severe if the victim is a vulnerable adult. Elder abuse is punishable by jail, fines, restitution, and other penalties. In all cases, you can go to jail for elder abuse.

Contact Our Denver Attorneys for Elder Abuse

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