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Unlicensed Drivers

DUI Fatality Rate Continues to Drop

Recent statistics on fatalities involving drunk drivers show that the number of people killed in alcohol related crashes since 2002 are declining. But, what we need to remember is that these statistics are not just numbers on a graph. These statistics represent a person – someone’s loved one, whether they are family, friend, neighbor, co-worker…

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Illegal Drivers Cause One Quarter of Traffic Deaths in Colorado

Most of us have at least one parking or speeding ticket in our driving careers. We get assessed points against our licenses, pay our fines and promise not to do it again. But, according to a Denver Post article, there may be about 225,000 illegal drivers in Colorado. These illegal drivers caused nearly one-fourth of…

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Habitual Traffic Offender Strikes Again. This time with Three Victims.

Driving under the influence. Illegal lane change. Driving without a license (twice). Driving with false plates. Failure to show proof of insurance. These are charges filed against unlicensed, illegal immigrant Daniel Barrales, since August 2007. Yet, on Saturday, October 5, 2008 Daniel Barrales was behind the wheel again without a license. And this time, he…

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