Legal requirements for having a passenger on a motorcycle apply throughout the State of Colorado. To be safe and legal on the roads, there are some laws that you need to know. Our motorcycle accident attorneys explain the legal requirements and safety tips for carrying a passenger on a motorcycle.


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Colorado Motorcycle Laws for Passengers; Colorado Revised Statutes 42-4-1502

Colorado Revised Statutes 42-4-1502 [1] lists the Colorado laws for motorcycle passengers. The law covers required equipment for carrying passengers, including seat requirements. Colorado’s motorcycle passenger laws create rules that cover topics like required conduct for passengers, where they must sit on the bike, and helmet laws that cover passengers up to the age of 18.

Legal Requirements When Carrying a Passenger on a Motorcycle

Here are the legal requirements when carrying a passenger on a motorcycle:

Motorcycle equipment requirements – To carry a passenger on a motorcycle, the motorcycle must have a seat specifically for the passenger. The seat must be firmly attached to the motorcycle.

Passenger behavior requirements – The passenger may not interfere with the operation of the motorcycle. The driver must have a clear view of the road.

Helmet mandatory for minors – All passengers under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. The helmet must be DOT approved with a chin strap, lining, and padding.

Passenger age requirements – There are no age requirements for motorcycle passengers in Colorado. As long as the rider can reach the footrests and find an approved helmet that fits them, they can legally ride a motorcycle. A passenger must understand what it means to ride a motorcycle and how to be safe.

Eye protection – Wearing eye protection is mandatory for all motorcycle passengers. Glasses or goggles are required for all riders. Even if the motorcycle has a windshield, the passenger must have eyewear.

Attaching to another vehicle – A passenger may not attach a motorcycle to another vehicle. They may not grab onto another motor vehicle or cling to another vehicle.

Sitting location – The passenger may sit behind the driver or in a sidecar that’s specifically designed for a passenger. A passenger may not sit in front of the driver. They must wear eyewear despite sitting in the back.

Separate license not required – There’s no additional license endorsement necessary to carry a passenger on a motorcycle. As long as you have the endorsement for the kind of bike that you have, you may carry a passenger. There are supervision requirements that apply to young riders with permits that may prevent carrying a passenger.

Safety Tips When Carrying a Passenger on a Motorcycle

When carrying a passenger on a motorcycle, it’s important to follow the rules and requirements at all times. The passenger should wear sturdy clothing, like leather, that’s able to withstand wear and tear. All passengers should wear closed-toed shoes. It’s important to talk with the passenger about what it’s like to ride a motorcycle, including proper use of footrests, how to hold on, and how to lean into turns.

Can a Child Be a Passenger on a Motorcycle in Colorado?

Yes, a child can be a passenger on a motorcycle. Some states have minimum age requirements for motorcycle passengers that range from five to eight years old. There is no minimum age requirement in the State of Colorado.

Although there is no minimum age for a child passenger on a motorcycle, every child must be able to reach the footrests. They must understand how to ride a motorcycle. In general, yes, a child can be a passenger on a motorcycle in Colorado.

How Old Must You Be to Be a Passenger on a Motorcycle?

How old you must be to be a passenger in a motorcycle depends on state law. In the State of Colorado, there is no minimum age to be a passenger on a motorcycle. The child must simply be old enough to reach the footrests, and there must be a helmet that fits them that they can wear.

However, in other states, there may be minimum age requirements that can be up to eight years old. How old you must be to be a passenger in a motorcycle depends on state law and may be up to the age of eight.

Motorcycle Passenger Age Limit Colorado

There is no motorcycle passenger age limit in Colorado. A person may ride on a motorcycle no matter how young or old they are. They just must be able to turn with the driver and appreciate the responsibilities of riding on a motorcycle. There are helmet requirements in Colorado for all riders under the age of 18.

Is It Safe to Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle?

It is safe to ride on the back of a motorcycle only if the motorcycle has a designated passenger seat. In addition, it’s important to use the footrests and wear a helmet and goggles. The driver should follow traffic laws at all times and drive carefully. It can be safe to ride on the back of a motorcycle if both the driver and passenger follow safety requirements and recommendations at all times.

How Do You Become a Passenger on a Motorcycle?

To become a passenger on a motorcycle, you should ensure that the motorcycle is equipped to carry a passenger. You should always ride behind the driver, hold on at all times, and use the footrests. It’s important to check with state law to see what helmet and eyewear laws apply. In addition, if the passenger is a child, you should check to see that the child meets minimum age laws. There is no license or test required to become a passenger on a motorcycle.

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[1] CRS 42-4-1502

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