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High-Flex Knee Replacement Complications

Recently there have been concerns raised over complications resulting from the use of high-flex knee prosthetics. In fact, many lawsuits allege that these products are defective and can lead to serious complications, including the need for one or more painful revision surgeries.

The “high-flexion” knee replacement promises to accommodate “deep knee bending” activities for active patients who want to continue their lifestyle after a knee replacement. The companies manufacturing these high flex knee implants, including Zimmer, DePuy Orthopaedics, and Smith & Nephew, tout the benefits of high flex knees implants and even represent them to be superior choices to fixed knee replacements for active patients.

Unfortunately, many patients who receive a high flex knee replacement find themselves in pain long after surgery and in fact may never fully recover from it due to failure of their knee implant. Certain medical studies show that the higher the flexion achieved by a knee implant, the greater the likelihood the patient would experience loosening of the implant. This loosening can, and often does, lead to failure of a total knee arthroplasty and the need for one or more revision surgeries to remove the device.

Symptoms that may indicate problems with a high-flex knee include:

  • Pain that lasts beyond the normal time frame for recovery
  • Instability or loosening
  • “Locking up” of the prosthesis joint
  • Persistent swelling
  • Failure of the knee arthroplasty resulting in the need for revision surgery

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