How long you have to go to the doctor after a slip and fall is an important question. When a slip and fall occurs, you want to handle the case in the best possible manner. In fact, sometimes, you might wonder if your injuries are serious enough to warrant going to the doctor. You might wonder if you can wait to go to the doctor after you have some time to rest. Our Denver slip and fall attorneys explain how long you have to go to the doctor after a slip and fall.


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How Long Do You Have to Go to the Doctor After a Slip and Fall?

You may go to the doctor anytime after a slip and fall. It’s never too late to get the medical care that you need. However, there are several reasons that it’s essential to go to the doctor as soon as possible. While you can go to the doctor anytime after a slip and fall, it’s important to go right away to rule out critical injuries, to stabilize your injuries, and to document your damages as part of your claim for recovery.

Also, be aware that all states have a statute of limitations for bringing a claim after a slip and fall accident. Usually, the time limit is a number of years, but if your claim is against a government agency, it may be only a number of days. While you can still go to the doctor any time after a slip and fall accident, you can’t use the information from the doctor visit as part of a slip and fall legal action if you’re past the deadline to file the claim.

When Should You Go to the Doctor After a Slip and Fall?

You should go to the doctor after a slip and fall as soon as you are able. Going to the doctor is critical for both your immediate needs and your legal rights. When a slip and fall first happens, your adrenaline is running high. You may not realize how badly you’re hurt until you go to the doctor. In fact, some injuries may be life-threatening without showing visible symptoms. Going to the doctor immediately after a slip and fall is the best way to ensure that your injuries are stabilized.

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What Doctor to See After a Fall?

After a fall, you should see a doctor who is trained to evaluate and treat acute falls. Usually, that’s going to be an emergency room doctor or an urgent care doctor. Your primary care doctor may be effective in treating you because they know your personal health history. However, an emergency room or urgent care doctor know what things to look for after a fall.

In some cases, your injuries may be more serious than they seem. Also, you may need emergency attention to prevent injuries from becoming worse. The doctor to see after the fall is a doctor who is trained to evaluate and treat people who are hurt in a fall. In most cases, that’s an urgent care or primary care doctor.

Should I Go to the ER After a Fall?

Yes, you should go to the ER after a fall. Injuries can be deceiving; you might have critical injuries that you’re unaware of. In addition, pain levels and swelling can increase over time. Going to the ER after a fall gives you an expert’s evaluation and addresses the critical care needs that you have.

In addition, you should go to the ER after a fall to get expert, personalized advice about how to care for your injuries. During your visit, you can learn what signs to look for as you heal to know if you should seek follow-up medical attention or emergency visits.

How to Make the Most of a Doctor Visit After a Slip and Fall?

When you go to the doctor after a slip and fall accident, here are some of the questions that can help you make the most of your visit:

  • What are my injuries?
  • Do I have any injuries that aren’t showing symptoms?
  • Are my pain levels going to get worse over time?
  • What do I need to do to recover in the best way?
  • When should I have a follow-up visit?
  • Who should I see for a follow-up visit?
  • Are there activities that could stand in the way of my recovery?
  • Should I go back to work?
  • Do I have broken bones?
  • What limitations should I put in place as I heal?
  • Are there treatments at home I should be doing?
  • What over the counter medications should I use? Are there some to avoid?
  • After I leave, are there signs and symptoms that might mean I need urgent medical attention?

The medical attention that you receive after a slip and fall may be critical to getting the compensation that you deserve. Getting immediate medical attention is vital for two legal reasons. First, you need to link the accident and your injuries. You have to show that your injuries are a result of the fall. Going to the doctor the same day, immediately after the accident, is the best way to link your injuries to the accident. If you wait for days, weeks, or months to see the doctor, the other side might try to claim that your injuries have an intervening cause. However, when you get medical attention right away, you have a witness with medical credentials who is able to help you establish the timeline.

Second, you should get medical attention right away after a slip and fall to document what injuries you have. You need to know the full extent of your injuries so that you can bring a claim for compensation that fully values your losses. The doctor who sees you can uncover what your injuries are and document your recovery prognosis. The basis of any slip and fall accident is the severity of the injuries. Working with an expert to know what all of your injuries are is a critical part of having a successful claim that’s a fair representation of your losses.

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