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The Timmy Foundation is an Indianapolis based non-profit providing quality and sustainable healthcare to low-income areas of the developing world. Through the combined efforts of medical brigades and long-term local care, The Timmy Foundation has made a profound impact. Utilizing university and high school chapters, the foundation coordinates medical clinics in 2 to 3 month intervals at each adopted community. This allows the organization to care for the chronically ill and track patient’s health over time. In addition, partnerships with in-country organizations supplement the medical clinics and provide local resources for affordable healthcare year-round.

Medical clinics for the needy in developing countries

In May 2011, the University of Colorado’s chapter participated in medical clinics in low-income areas of Quito, Ecuador. Over the course of a week, students were able to interact with patients in a variety of settings – taking vital signs, working triage, filling prescriptions, shadowing medical professionals, and even playing with children at the fluoride station. Although the trip is the highlight for many Timmy members, our student chapter works hard fundraising throughout the year to support our cause. This year the CU chapter contributed funds to our partner organization, Tierra Nueva, accumulated donations of over-the-counter medications to dispense at clinics, and advocated on behalf of global health.

The generous donation from Bachus & Schanker, LLC Cares Foundation enabled The Timmy Foundation to have an impact on patient’s lives even after members left the country. As a chapter, they recognize the limited scope of care they can provide during medical clinics. Therefore, the foundation has adopted a referral system, providing patients access to advanced diagnostic testing, treatment, and surgery at Tierra Nueva’s Hospital “Un Canto a la Vida.” Bachus & Schanker, LLC‘s donation will be used to subsidize the cost of patient consultations and further decrease their barriers to healthcare access.

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