How To Deal With An At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

An insurance adjuster inspects the damage on a vehicle after a car accident.

If you have been in a car accident caused by another driver, knowing how to deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance company is important to protect your rights and achieve a successful outcome. However, dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurance company can be frustrating and overwhelming. As such, obtaining assistance from a car accident lawyer in Denver, Colorado, is highly recommended to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Protecting Yourself Legally After a Car Accident

There are specific steps you should take after a car accident to protect yourself legally and your right to seek damages from the responsible party as follows:

  • Seek medical attention first and foremost: Your health and well-being should be your top priority after a car accident. Make sure to seek medical attention immediately, even if you do not think you are injured. Some injuries are not apparent right away. Seeking medical assistance will ensure that your injuries are properly documented.
  • Document the scene: Take your own photos of the scene of the accident, including any damage to vehicles or property. Also, take photos of any visible injuries you sustained. Next, take notes by recording digitally or writing down details about how the accident occurred, the weather conditions at the time, road signs or traffic signals present, and other relevant information.
  • Gather witness contact information: If there were witnesses who saw the accident, gather their contact information, as they can provide valuable statements to support your injury claim.
  • Document all expenses related to the car accident insurance claim: Keep detailed records of all expenses related to the car accident, such as medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and lost wages.
  • Do not share details of the accident on social media: Avoid posting about the accident on social media platforms, as anything you say online could potentially be used against you by insurance companies or their lawyers.
  • Be careful what you say: It is important to take extra precautions and watch what you say to avoid hurting your injury insurance claim.
    • Don’t admit fault: Even if you believe you may have been partially responsible for the accident, do not admit fault since this could hurt your claim.
    • Don’t say things that can be used against you: Avoid making statements that can be misinterpreted or used against you during settlement negotiations or at trial.
    • Do not speak to the other driver’s insurance company: It is advisable not to discuss the details of the accident with the other driver’s insurance company without legal representation. Their goal is to protect their client, not you.

Why Should I Let My Lawyer Speak to the Insurance Company?  

In most cases, it is best to allow your car accident attorney to handle all communications with the other driver’s insurance company, insurance adjusters, and their lawyers to ensure a successful outcome for these reasons:  

  • They will try to get you to say things that will hurt your case: Insurance adjusters are trained professionals who use tactics to get you to admit fault or downplay the extent of your injuries, which could negatively impact your claim, so they can refuse your claim or even deny the claim.
  • They often use misleading questions: Insurance companies may ask misleading questions designed to elicit responses to be used against you in order to minimize their financial liability.
  • They may suggest you don’t need to hire an attorney: The insurance company might try to persuade you that hiring a lawyer is unnecessary and will only complicate matters, making it easier for them to negotiate a lower settlement amount.
  • They will act like they are working for your best interest: While they may appear friendly and caring, remember that their primary goal is to get you to settle for the least amount possible while protecting their client’s interests, not yours.
  • You may be offered a settlement quickly, but for much less: Insurance companies commonly offer quick settlements soon after an accident, hoping you will accept a lowball offer before realizing the full extent of your damages and losses.
  • They try to gain your trust to settle lower: By gaining your trust through seemingly sympathetic gestures, insurance companies attempt to settle the claim for a lower amount than you might otherwise be entitled to receive.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Denver, Colorado?

In many cases, you will not have to put any money down to hire a car accident attorney in Denver, Colorado. Most injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, where they only collect their fees and related costs if they reach a settlement or favorable verdict should the case proceed to trial. 

What Are Contingency Fees?

Contingency fees are designed to make legal representation more accessible to individuals who may not have the financial means to pay for legal services out-of-pocket. With a contingency fee agreement, the lawyer’s fee is contingent upon successfully resolving the case and obtaining compensation for the client. The lawyer’s fee is usually calculated as a percentage of the client’s final settlement or court award. If the case is unsuccessful, the client does not owe any legal fees to their attorney.

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help You?

A Denver car accident attorney can help you by:

  • Correctly calculates your damages: Attorneys have the expertise to know how to correctly value your claim and ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.
  • Prove liability: Lawyers know how to correctly investigate injury claims, gather evidence to support your claim, and prove the other party was negligent and liable.
  • Professionally negotiate a proper settlement: Car accident attorneys are aware of all the tactics insurance companies, insurance adjusters, and their lawyers use. As such, they are less likely to attempt to use them and work with the attorney to reach a fair settlement. 
  • Ensures your best interests are represented: Insurance companies have their own team of lawyers, and hiring one yourself evens the playing field to ensure you are properly represented and your legal rights and interests are protected.

If You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident, Give Bachus & Schanker a Call Today

At Bachus & Schanker, our car accident lawyers are here to help ensure your rights are protected and you receive a fair settlement for your injuries. Our experienced team navigates the complex legal processes and advocates strongly for your rights, allowing you to recover and heal from your injuries. Schedule a free consultation now for further information about your legal rights and how much your case could be worth.


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