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LEAD Impairment Driving for Colorado Law Enforcement Officers

On September 24, 2012, Bachus & Schanker, LLC again sponsored the LEAD Impairment Driving for Colorado Law Enforcement Officers event in Denver. The conference, which is mandatory training for all Colorado DUI instructors and Drug Recognition Experts, provided education and community networked solutions in the area of detection and prevention of impaired driving. Bachus & Schanker, LLC founding partner Darin Schanker addressed the conference, thanking officers for their courageous work on Colorado roads. The event was also attended by several members of the Bachus & Schanker, LLC board of directors.

Training such as the LEAD Impaired Driving Enforcement event is vitally important to our officers. Tight state budgets have resulted in decreased training opportunities for Colorado Law Enforcement. In many cases, agencies have not been able to allocate any money for training in important areas such as impaired driving. The LEAD conference offers learning opportunities to several hundred officers each year.

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