When Darin L. Schanker started his career as a trial attorney, he had a very specific vision in mind. As a Colorado native, he knew that his knowledge and abilities had a purpose; to protect his community from those with profit-driven motives and vast resources. From his time in court as a trial attorney and his role in drafting and testifying on consumer rights legislation, to his lectures as a thought leader in the legal community, Darin has dedicated his life to growing Bachus & Schanker, LLC over the past two decades.

“Kyle and I knew what we wanted to do. With minimal resources, and a great deal of hope and ambition, we set up shop in a single 10ft by 10ft office. We didn’t have much, but we knew this was where we were going to start our mission; to protect those without a voice, against those that had very little respect for humanity but a great deal of respect for profits. We are proud of what we have built, but by no means is our fight over.”
– Darin L. Schanker

His experience in complex litigation involves catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and product liability. In addition to traditional personal injury litigation, Mr. Schanker has specialized experience in collective action and mass tort litigation at the state and federal level. Both he and Attorney Bachus have participated in nationally recognized complex litigation involving dangerous drugs and products. Some of these include: Taxotere, Granuflo, ASR Hip Implants, Bair Hugger warming blankets, Hernia Mesh and IVC Filters.

Throughout his career, Mr. Schanker has developed a unique set of skills to best serve Bachus & Schanker’s mission. From his expertise in jury selection, to his extensive trial experience in personal injury, product liability and mass tort law, his impact has reached beyond the four walls of the court room.

Expert in Colorado Law

Mr. Schanker is the past president of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (“CTLA”). In 2003, Darin Schanker was named the Outstanding Trial Attorney for the State of Colorado by the CTLA. Founded in 1953, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association is the state’s largest specialty bar association and is comprised of Colorado attorneys who are committed to the protection and advancement of individual rights and the advancement of trial advocacy skills, high ethical standards and professionalism in the ongoing effort to preserve and improve the American system of jurisprudence. Additionally, Mr. Schanker has testified at numerous hearing in support of legislation to protect consumers’ rights.

Mr. Schanker is nationally recognized as an expert in the field of voir dire, which is the jury selection process. A crucial component to the outcome of every trial, Mr. Schanker understood early in the importance of voir dire, and set out to extensively study this subject. He has developed a methodology which is utilized by attorneys both locally and nationally. Darin lectures groups and consults individual attorneys throughout the nation on this specialized subject.

Trial Experience

In addition to voir dire, Mr. Schanker is a frequent lecturer on trial practice in both local and national settings. From seminars for the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association and the Colorado Bar Association to nationally recognized events such as the National Business Institute and MTMP (A National Mass Tort Conference), Darin’s abilities and knowledge have been recognized by his peers throughout the country.

Mr. Schanker’s role in legislation has had a vast impact on the consumer rights of accident victims throughout Colorado. He has drafted and lobbied for consumer-friendly legislation, and has offered testimony numerous times at the Capitol on various insurance law-related topics.

Mr. Schanker’s appreciation for the community doesn’t end in the courtroom, lecture hall or the capital. Through the Cares Foundation, Darin is dedicated to supporting local non-profits whom have a substantial impact on the community they serve. From volunteering for Habitat for Humanity’s Homebuilding event to the Dolls for Daughters annual Christmas toy drive, Bachus & Schanker is dedicated to improving communities throughout Colorado. Bachus & Schanker is the state wide sponsor for Mothers against Drunk Driving and supports a number of other non-profits each and every year. For a list of events and partnerships, visit the Bachus & Schanker, LLC Cares Foundation page.

“At the end of the day, Kyle and I are two guys that wanted to stand for something bigger than ourselves. Stand for something that resulted in positive change and substantial impact. I wake up every day knowing that I was put on the planet to do this meaningful work.”
– Darin L. Schanker

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