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The Fort Collins drunk driving accident attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC, can help you win fair compensation after an accident. A drunk driving crash is a needless event. The offending driver is legally responsible for the damages that they cause. When you’re the victim of a DUI crash, you may have the right to financial compensation. Our Fort Collins personal injury attorneys specialize in helping victims like you win the monetary relief that you deserve..

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Our Fort Collins legal team specializes in helping victims of drunk driving crashes recover fair compensation for their injuries and damages. We have the experience and skills needed to represent people from start to finish in the compensation process.

With our passionate attorneys by your side, you have a trained, knowledgeable and aggressive legal team fighting for your rights and what you’re owed under the law. At the same time, our lawyers are kind and compassionate. We listen to our clients and keep them up-to-date every step of the way.


See how we can represent you with no fee unless you win. We want you to have the best results in your case without stressing about attorney fees. That’s why we represent you with no payment upfront and no cost to you unless you win. We offer free and confidential consultations to all Fort Collins DUI victims. Call us today at (970) 222-2222 to talk about your case.

Yes, drunk driving is a civil case. It is a personal injury tort. If a person drives under the influence of alcohol or over the legal limit, and an accident results, the offender is legally liable for the harm that results.

There may also be a criminal case. However, the victim has the right to bring their own civil case for complete financial compensation. The damages available for the victim in a civil case are different and higher than what might be available as part of the criminal matter. In any case where drunk driving results in an accident, it is a civil case.

In a drunk driving accident case, you can win any of the following in compensation:

  • The cost of ambulance transportation to the hospital
  • Hospital expenses, including emergency and urgent care
  • Surgery costs, MRIs, scans, blood tests
  • Prescription costs
  • Follow-up medical care that continues until full recovery
  • Payment for the nature of permanent injuries, including scars
  • Compensation for the physical pain that accompanies injuries
  • Lost income immediately after the crash
  • Payments for long-term career changes because of injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish

The purpose of drunk driving accident compensation is to pay the victim for all of their damages. When a crash occurs, the victims have losses that are financial and emotional. A successful outcome of a civil legal claim will pay the victim for those losses in full.

Don’t underestimate the value of your case. Don’t make the mistake of signing a quick settlement with the insurance company. As your Fort Collins attorneys for drunk driving accidents, it’s our job to identify those damages and win them for you.

Here is how our Fort Collins drunk driving attorneys build your case:

  • Gathering police reports and reviewing evidence from the police
  • Building on that evidence to identify new witnesses
  • Expert evaluation of chemical evidence gathered at the crash scene
  • Identification and valuation of all categories of damages that may apply
  • Building legal proof of the defendant’s liability for your damages
  • Talking to the insurance company on your behalf
  • Settlement negotiations and drafting of paperwork
  • Helping you structure your settlement to minimize tax liability and serve
  • your best interests
  • Trial advocacy; speaking in court
  • Any other steps that will make your case a success

We have a large legal team that is fully equipped to meet your needs. Whether the issues in your case are simple or complex, we are prepared to fight for your rights. Our team helps you maximize your compensation by building your case step-by-step and using a legal strategy designed to get results.


“Thanks for raising money for, bringing attention to, and inviting so many people to enjoy learning about Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic, Kenzi’s Causes, and the many non-profits Bachus & Schanker partners with. Your work with these groups speaks volumes about who Bachus & Schanker is!!” – Margaret Werner 5/5 Stars

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