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When a construction accident occurs, you need the Englewood attorneys that are prepared to fight for your rights. A construction accident can cause serious injuries. You may be unable to work, and the future may be uncertain. But you can take action. Work with our construction accident attorneys in Englewood in order to claim the monetary compensation that you need and deserve.

How our construction accident attorneys in Englewood can help you

Our construction accident attorneys in Englewood represent individuals who are hurt by construction accidents. We represent only individuals who need help, like you. You won’t see us representing the big corporations.

As dedicated accident attorneys, we founded the Bachus & Schanker, LLC law firm to ensure that all victims have access to quality legal representation. We focus our practice exclusively on helping individuals and victims. Our dedication gives us the experience to handle even the most challenging cases. When you need justice, we’re the place that you can turn. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Englewood, CO construction accident attorneys with free consultations

Your construction accident claim begins with a free consultation with our Englewood construction accident attorneys. We offer:

  • A no-obligation consultation – just get to know us
  • Personalized evaluation of your case
  • The chance to ask questions
  • Kind, understanding attorneys
  • A remote meeting or phone meeting if you prefer contactless representation
  • The attorney-client privilege applies
  • Fees in writing that are easy to understand

When you need legal representation for your construction accident claim, the Bachus & Schanker LLC team is here to represent you. Contact us today to begin your case.

Causes of construction accidents Collapse

Here are some causes of construction accidents that may give you the legal right to claim compensation:

  • Working on slippery or uneven surfaces
  • Inadequate training
  • Working without a full crew
  • Too many workers present in an area
  • Not following safety protocols
  • Failing to use personal protective equipment
  • Poor maintenance of machinery
  • Weather conditions that inhibit working conditions
  • Long hours on the job
  • Dangerous heat or freezing temperatures
  • Failing to have safe work plans and designs
  • Poor management
  • Hiring unqualified staff
  • Chemical spills and exposures
  • Falling objects
  • Falling from elevated surfaces
  • Neglecting to fix broken equipment or tag it out of service
  • Rushing and trying to complete tasks too quickly

Any underlying cause of a construction accident may give you the right to claim financial relief. In fact, workers compensation systems are in place to give workers the right to fast, no-hassle access to medical care and replacement income. However, a traditional negligence claim may be available to you, too. As your Englewood construction accident attorneys, we work to evaluate the claims you qualify for based on the cause of the accident and your damages.

Here are the steps of a construction accident claim:

  1. Investigating the case
  2. Documenting your injuries
  3. Proving fault for the accident
  4. Drafting your legal documents
  5. Filing motions and pursuing legal strategy
  6. Negotiations for settlement
  7. Trial
  8. Collecting your judgment

Our team offers comprehensive legal services. We can handle all the steps of a claim on your behalf.

What kind of claim can I file if I’m hurt in a construction accident? Expand

If you’re hurt in a construction accident, you may file a workers compensation case, a negligence claim or a products liability claim. Depending on the specifics of how the accident occurred and who is responsible, you may qualify for more than one type of claim. A workers compensation case is available for people injured on the job. A negligence claim may be available if a party other than your employer causes the accident. A product liability claim may be appropriate if you’re hurt because of a poorly designed or defective product.

Employee injuries vs. non-employee injuries Expand

Both employees and non-employees may qualify to bring a construction accident claim. There may be many parties that owe a duty of care to others. Even a visitor to a construction site may have a legal claim if they are injured. Some of the parties that may be responsible for a construction accident include:

  • General contractor
  • Subcontractor
  • Government agency
  • Property owner
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • Personal protective equipment manufacturer
  • Visitors on site
  • Motor vehicle drivers passing through the site
  • Engineer
  • Architect

What is my Englewood construction accident claim worth? Expand

The value of your Englewood construction accident claim depends on the type of claim you file and what your losses are:

For a workers compensation claim, your medical bills should be covered. That includes the cost to treat your medical conditions. Rehabilitation costs should be covered too, as well as occupational therapy to help you rejoin the workforce.

Lost income is a part of workers compensation, too. You can claim a portion of your income for any period that you are unable to work. Being able to work on a reduced schedule can also qualify you for lost income payments. Making sure that you get the right payment isn’t always an easy task.

Let our attorneys review your case in order to make sure that you’re being treated fairly by the insurance company. We can work to ensure you get the correct amount that you deserve through workers compensation. We can help you file your claim right the first time or appeal an unfavorable decision.

A personal injury case based on negligence holds the party accountable that is responsible for causing the construction accident. For example, if a subcontractor leaves a slick substance spilled and you suffer a fall, you may qualify to bring a claim against them. In a negligence case, the responsible party may be obligated to pay damages like pain and suffering. In a negligence case, pain and suffering may provide a significant amount of financial relief. The compensation fairly accounts for the non-economic suffering that goes along with being the victim of the negligence of others.

Sometimes, accidents occur because of defective equipment. The machines that you work with may be poorly designed. There may be a mistake in manufacturing. Even a failure to provide adequate instructions for equipment use can be a basis for product liability. In addition, the personal protective equipment that you use can also serve as the grounds for product liability in a construction accident victim.



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