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Are you ready to fight back against sexual harassment? Our sexual harassment attorneys in Englewood, CO can help you if you have been a victim. Too often, individuals and organizations are not held accountable when sexual harassment occurs. This is devastating not only for the victims but for society as a whole.

It’s our mission to fight for justice for victims. We work to hold wrongdoers and their enablers accountable. At Bachus & Schanker, LLC, we’re Englewood sexual harassment attorneys who work tirelessly for justice. Armed with legal resources, knowledge and passion, we get results for our clients. We know how important it is to have outstanding legal representation when you’re victimized. Contact our sexual harassment attorneys in Englewood for your free consultation.

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Being the victim of sexual harassment can change your life – it can interfere with your work and your life. It can cause untold personal suffering. Let us help you fight back.

You may deserve financial compensation. You can seek a finding of wrongdoing against those who allow the harassment to occur. In order to receive these remedies, you must file a legal claim and build your case. Our Englewood legal team is ready to work for you.

If you believe that sexual harassment may have happened to you, we invite you to contact our Englewood, Colorado sexual harassment attorneys for your free consultation. We’re compassionate professionals, and the attorney-client privilege applies. Get answers to your questions and see how we can help you fight back against sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature. It may occur within or outside of a workplace. Sexual harassment may be physical, verbal or visual. Assault is a form of harassment. Verbal statements, physical intimidation, threats and other conduct can also be sexual harassment.

Some examples of sexual harassment include:

  • Jokes/Slurs/Comments/Suggestions
  • Demotions/Failing to promote
  • Displaying images or suggestive audio recordings
  • Threats or demands
  • Repeatedly asking out
  • Making excessive or unreasonable demands for job duties
  • Spreading rumors
  • Blocking movements/Making work difficult
  • Facial expressions
  • Assault or battery
  • Retaliation

Sexual harassment may happen in a single event. In other cases, repeated behavior over a period of time may amount to harassment.

There are several places where sexual harassment can occur. Of course, the place most people think of first is a workplace. Certainly, that is a common place for sexual harassment to occur. Here are some of the places where you may take legal action against sexual harassment:

  • Workplaces
  • Colleges/Universities/Trade schools
  • High schools/Lower education
  • Youth programs and camps/Youth sports
  • Community groups like theaters and civic organizations
  • Law enforcement/Government
  • Medical profession/Healthcare
  • Churches
  • Daycares

One place where sexual harassment can occur is in school. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a United States law that applies to schools. The law requires a school to provide a learning environment that is free of discrimination. That includes stopping harassment on the basis of sex. If the school is aware of sexual harassment by a teacher, other employee or even a student, they must take steps to stop the harassment. If they don’t, the school may be liable to the victim.

Yes, sexual harassment may be a crime if an assault, stalking or threatening behavior occurs. However, in all cases, it is a civil wrong. Whether or not the offender is criminally charged, the victim may bring a civil suit to claim compensation. A civil claim is also the way to hold an organization responsible that allows or enables the harassment to occur. Some forms of sexual harassment are also crimes; however, a victim may file their own case whether or not criminal charges are brought by law enforcement.

There are several remedies available for sexual harassment. The result of a legal action or other reports may include any of the following:

  • Reinstatement to a job or position
  • Backpay
  • Missed tips or bonuses
  • Benefits that a worker missed out on
  • The offender losing a license or professional membership
  • Pain and suffering/Emotional anguish compensation
  • Mandatory training for employers and workers
  • Attorney fees
  • Court costs

The remedy in each case is tailored to the damages and the harm suffered by the victim. Unfortunately, in cases of sexual harassment, the damages are often great. A victim may lose out on pay and suffer severe emotional anguish. Plus, organizations may cover up for and enable offenders for far too long. That means the value of sexual harassment cases can be significant. Let our Englewood sexual harassment attorneys help you understand the approximate value of your case and what’s invovled in proving a case.

The grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit are that you are subject to inappropriate treatment of a sexual nature by the other party. The party may be the person who commits the harassment themselves, or it may be an employer or organization that allows the harassment to occur. Generally, there are two theories in a claim against a company or another entity – negligence is the theory that the organization allows the harassment to occur; vicarious liability is when the organization is liable for the actions of their employee or another person who acts as their agent.

A sexual harassment attorney helps their client take legal action in response to what has happened. Typically, this means filing a legal claim for compensation. The claim is also an important step in bringing offenders to justice and publicly shedding light on the situation and working towards positive change.

Attorneys help victims advocate for justice. That can mean investigating, questioning offenders and third-party witnesses, building evidence and presenting the case at trial. It can also mean assisting with helping you understand what your options are, the value of the case, and the steps involved with bringing the case. A sexual harassment attorney is your advocate and guide throughout the legal process. They have specialized training to assist you in bringing an offender to justice and asserting your legal rights.


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