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Have you been hurt by a drunk driver? You may deserve financial compensation. You don’t have to fight alone. Our Colorado Springs drunk driving accident attorneys are accepting DUI accident cases and can help you get the financial relief you need now.

The Bachus & Schanker, LLC, Colorado Springs drunk driving accident lawyers specialize in DUI accident cases, and we’re determined to help victims get results. Being the victim of a drunk driving accident changes your life. Physical injuries, missed work and emotional damage are just some of the ways you may suffer after an accident. We’re here to help. Our Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys fight every day for victims just like you. 

Let us help you get justice! Call our Colorado Springs office at (719) 888-8888 for a free consultation on your case.

Bachus & Schanker Wins – Over $1 Billion Recovered

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When we represent a client, our Colorado Springs accident lawyers take all of the steps needed for a victim to receive financial compensation. Here are some of the things that we do on behalf of our clients:

  • Investigate to determine who is the responsible party
  • Talk to the insurance company representatives on your behalf
  • Negotiate the appropriate settlement directly with the insurance company, or prepare the legal paperwork to start a court action
  • Prepare court pleadings, motions and other legal documents
  • Going to court on your behalf; speaking to the judge
  • Building the evidence in your case
  • Giving you the information that you need to decide whether to settle the case or have a trial
  • Representation at trial, if you choose a trial
  • Ensuring that you collect your judgment

We provide complete legal services. Whatever is needed to make your case a success, we’re willing and able to do what it takes.

What you can win in a drunk driving accident case is based on the severity of your injuries and losses. No one amount is the same for every victim. Instead, your damages are unique to you. Here are some categories of compensation that you can win in a drunk driving case:

  • Medical bills, including:
    • Emergency medical bills
    • Long-term medical bills
    • Physical therapy
    • Nursing care
    • Costs for surgeries, tests and medical devices
    • Medication costs
  • Mental health treatment costs
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages, both short-term and long term
  • Travel costs for medical treatment
  • Pain and suffering; emotional anguish
  • Payment for the fact that your life is not the same

Many people assume that you can only recover direct financial losses for a drunk driving case. That’s not true. As a victim, you know that your injuries are not just medical bills. While that is one significant category of damages, you also have indirect expenses associated with the accident. Also, you have emotional anguish.

In a DUI accident case, you can identify each and every type of loss that you have to include in your claim.

Winning a DUI accident case doesn’t happen automatically. There are essential things to do to win the case and get the full amount that you deserve. Here is what we do to build your case for success:

  • An in-depth interview with you to learn about the case 
  • Review of evidence that the police gathered
  • Building from police-gathered evidence to identify new witnesses and secure additional evidence
  • Use of expert witnesses as needed to prove scientific or technical information in the case
  • Use of our training to evaluate all the categories of damages and make sure that you don’t miss out on any types of damages that are applicable in the case
  • Review of your medical treatment and referrals as needed to investigate your injuries and document them for your case
  • Going to court on your behalf; speaking to the insurance company and any other attorneys involved in the case
  • Legal guidance on whether you should accept a settlement or go forward with a trial
  • Explanation of the legal proceedings so that you know what is happening in your case

We believe to be exceptional Colorado Springs drunk driving accident attorneys, we must be great communicators. That means not only being great legal advocates but also being compassionate allies for our clients. We know that the legal system is probably new to you. We want to empower our clients through aggressive, skilled legal representation, and frequent communication with you throughout your case.

We provide personalized and dedicated legal services for our clients. Here are some ways that the Bachus & Schanker team stands apart:

  • Experience in handling drunk driving accident cases; we understand all of the unique issues that may factor into your case
  • Thousands of successful personal injury cases in our history, including drunk driving accident cases
  • Members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum in honor of having recovered verdicts in excess of $1 million
  • Experience in going to trial and negotiating settlements – whether you want to accept a settlement or have your day in court, we’re ready to meet your goals
  • Trained in identifying all categories of compensation to maximize your case results
  • Availability for meetings, phone calls and emails so that you stay up to date on the latest developments in your case
  • Aggressive pursuit of your case with attorney-client privilege

We’ve won millions of dollars in verdicts for our clients. We’re prepared to make you another success story. Being a drunk driving accident victim is a terrible event. While financial compensation can’t make your injuries go away, it can give you some measure of justice. Our team works methodically through each step in the case until you have the compensation that you deserve.

The road to financial compensation begins with a free consultation with our Colorado Springs drunk driving accident lawyers. We know that you need and deserve great legal representation. That’s why we invite all accident victims to have a free consultation with our legal team. 

Come with all of your questions and learn about your case. We can represent you with no money down and no cost for our services unless you win. Call us at (719) 888-8888 or message us today for your thorough case evaluation.


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