4 Pieces of Essential Protection Equipment for Motorcycle Riders

Suit up with the following safety gear before you hit the road
If you ride a motorcycle you already know how important protective equipment is to your life when riding. Critical motorcycle safety equipment can save the lives of both the rider and the passenger. From basic equipment like helmets-to more specialized safety equipment like abrasion resistant riding pants-the following list of 4 essential pieces of protective gear for motorcycle riders can save you from serious bodily injury, and even save your life.

1. Motorcycle helmets
Motorcycle helmets consist of four basic parts that shield and protect your head in the event of a motorcycle collision, including:

  • A carbon fiber or Kevlar hard outer shell that resists and absorbs shock
  • An inner protective liner, which collapses in the event of an impact to absorb further shock to the head
  • A foam liner that is fit for comfort and moulds the helmet to the rider’s head-this can be removed for cleaning
  • A helmet chin strap that secures the helmet to your head in case of impact

In order to fit for the right sized helmet, drivers should use a tape measure or piece of string and a ruler to measure the circumference around the largest part of the head-right above the eyebrow. The helmet should feel snug around your head, but it shouldn’t hurt. Keep in mind that the helmet liner will stretch about a half a size once worn. Now fasten the chin strap and shake your head from side to side and up and down to test for looseness.

2. Face shields
Not only do face shields protect bugs from invading your mouth, they also provide protection against the elements and road debris as you ride. Some helmets come with a face shield and some need one added, however the designs are numerous and fit to most standard helmets. When riding keep the following face shield concerns in mind:

  • Choose one that’s impact resistant (i.e., to rocks or should you suffer a collision)
  • Scratch resistance is also important with face shields as scratches can refract light and impair vision
  • Secure your face shield to your helmet by fastening both sides

3. Motorcycle gloves
Protective motorcycle gloves not only protect your hands from blisters-they also keep them safe from the elements, road debris, and prevent injury or abrasions should a fall or accident occur. When picking motorcycle gloves choose a pair that:

  • Fit hands snugly, but don’t impair motorcycle operation
  • You might choose a few pairs-one for fall and one for summer-to address varied seasonal conditions

4. Motorcycle Boots
Motorcycle boots will protect your feet and ankles while you ride against flying debris, hot exhaust pipes, and etc. It’s imperative that you choose a pair that:

  • Is made of oil-resistant materials
  • Slip-free rubber-based composite soles for grip on bike pegs and pavement
  • Covers the ankles from flying debris, exhaust pipe burns, bike spills, and crashes

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