Checking a Doctor’s Malpractice History

Choosing a doctor is a big decision. Each doctor has their own unique training, medical specialties, and personal style. The doctor that you choose has a big impact on the care that you receive, so it makes sense that you want to check out a doctor’s malpractice history before you make a decision about your care. Here’s what you need to know about checking a doctor’s history from our skilled medical malpractice attorneys.

How to Check a Doctor for Medical Malpractice

To check a doctor for medical malpractice, you should look at state medical board records. Each state has a licensing agency for doctors. You can search the registry by the doctor’s name to see if they have any actions listed against their license. In addition to checking the state registry for the doctor’s name, you may also check for the name of the office or hospital where the doctor practices.

Medical Malpractice Case

Does My Doctor Have a Medical Malpractice Suit Against Him?

To see if your doctor has a medical malpractice suit against them, you can look at the licensing website for doctors in your state. The licensing website might not report any cases that are pending or cases that do not result in licensing actions against the doctor. You can check local court records to see if there are additional actions against your doctor.

How Do I Look up a Doctor’s Record in Colorado?

To look up a doctor’s record in Colorado, you search for the doctor in the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Medical Board Actions database. You select the profession that you want to search (medical). Then, you search the database by the doctor’s name. You can also read the monthly summary of doctors who have new actions against their license.

Doctor Background Check

A doctor background check is a way to see if a doctor has a history of malpractice. The doctor may have actions against their license for malpractice. They may also have lawsuits against them in the civil courts. When you do a doctor background check, you should check with both the state licensing authority and the court records to see if the doctor has a history of medical malpractice.

Doctor Medical Malpractice Records

There are two kinds of medical malpractice records to check when you want to know about your doctor’s practice history — state licensing records and civil court records.

1. Colorado Medical Board Records

The first records you want to find are records from the state licensing board. Each state licenses the doctors that practice in that state. Just because a doctor has a license in Colorado, for example, doesn’t mean that they can lawfully practice in other states. Each state keeps its own records for the doctors that are licensed in that state. To see what licensing actions exist, you must check the registry for every state where the doctor is licensed to practice.

To see licensing actions in Colorado, you can check the Colorado Medical Board Registry. You should choose “medical” as the license type unless you’re searching for another type of doctor. You can enter the doctor’s name and any other information that you have. When you click search, you’ll see a list of results that you can select from to read. There are also private websites that compile information about a doctor’s history. It’s important to remember that these websites may not always be complete.

2. Colorado Medical Malpractice Cases

Checking licensing actions against a doctor may not give you a complete picture of their practice history. There may be additional court records for medical malpractice. Court records and cases may exist without there being any formal licensing action against the doctor.

Because the licensing board records alone may not tell the entire story, you can look for additional records in the local courts. There are many courts at different levels throughout Colorado. You can search these records to see what court cases might exist for your doctor.

Will Every Case Always Appear in a Doctor’s Malpractice History?

No, not every case always appears in a doctor’s medical malpractice history. A doctor might settle their malpractice confidentially. They might settle the case without any formal records even being filed. They may agree to a settlement without admitting liability. It’s important not to assume that records are complete or that they tell the whole story.

What Can You Do If You’re the Victim of Medical Malpractice?

If you’re the victim of medical malpractice, there are things that you can do to protect your rights and your interests. You may bring a civil claim for financial compensation. Monetary payment can be a welcome relief when you have additional medical bills and pain and suffering because of medical malpractice.

You can also report the events of your case to the state licensing board. They may investigate. Their investigation might result in an action against the doctor involved. A licensing action may result in the suspension of a doctor’s license, and it can also serve as a warning sign to other patients who are trying to make decisions about their care.

A report to the licensing board by itself isn’t sufficient to compensate you fully for your losses and suffering from medical malpractice. A civil action ensures that you get the monetary compensation that you deserve. Your claim can cover both the costs of additional medical care that you need as well as an additional amount to pay you fairly for your pain and suffering.

How Our Colorado Attorneys for Medical Malpractice Can Help

If you’re a victim of medical malpractice, our attorneys can help you evaluate your case and pursue the compensation that you deserve. The signs of medical malpractice can be subtle. If you’re concerned about the medical care that you may have received, our attorneys can help you investigate and take the best steps to protect your interests.

We know that medical malpractice can be a traumatic event for you and your entire family. But you don’t have to fight alone. Our Colorado attorneys for medical malpractice can help you fight for justice. Contact us today to begin your case.

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