FDA to Review Safety Issues with the Drug Avandia

The diabetes drug Avandia is under intense scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because of its link to heart-related deaths, heart attacks and other severe health risks.

The county of Santa Clara, California, recently filed suit against Avandia’s manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, after a US Senate Finance committee report showed that some drug safety officials working for the FDA have called for the drug’s recall.

What are the risks with Avandia?

Avandia is taken by type 2 diabetics, who use it to help control their blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, a strong likelihood exists that using the drug increases a person’s risk of heart attack. The American Diabetes Association guidelines recommend that diabetics do not take Avandia.

You can read more about Avandia heart attacks and other side effects at the New York Times article “Research Ties Diabetes Drug to Heart Woes”. If you or someone you love has taken this drug, you may be at risk.

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