Aurora: Aurora Introduces Nurse Navigation Program 

With the cost of medical treatment on the rise, Aurora, Colorado has partnered with organizers to pilot a program designed to help alleviate some of those costs. The innovative Aurora 911 Nurse Navigator Program was designed to help pair those in medical need with appropriate medical services. 

For residents who find themselves in a situation where they need medical help, knowing about this innovative program can help them better seek affordable and appropriate medical treatment. 

What is the Aurora911 Nurse Navigator Program? 

The Aurora 911 Nurse Navigator Program is an innovative program designed and implemented by Global Medical Response to work alongside 911 dispatchers. This collaboration allows patients to receive an appropriate level of care depending on the circumstance of their situation and the medical information they provide.  

As a result, patients receive the medical care they need in a manner that is both time- and cost-effective. Hospitals also benefit, as they can experience greater bandwidth to serve those with life-threatening medical emergencies.

How it Works: 

Under the Aurora 911 Nurse Navigator Program, when an individual contacts a 911 dispatcher with a non-emergency injury or illness, that patient may be routed to a Colorado state licensed nurse instead. 

The nurse will assess the caller’s illness or injury and decide what the best course of action should be. A nurse will evaluate the symptoms and refer the individual to a virtual visit with a board-certified emergency physician, a visit with a primary care physician, or treatment and transportation, without the use of an ambulance, to a medical care facility or clinic.

All 911 operators use industry best practices when receiving a call to determine if a patient is in need of urgent medical care. Based on the initial assessment, the dispatcher can determine whether to send out emergency medical services or refer the caller to the nurse program instead. 

You can learn more about how the Aurora Nurse Navigation Program works by consulting the detailed infographic, provided by the City of Aurora.

What Are Some of the Benefits of the Aurora Nurse Navigator Program? 

The benefits of the Aurora 911 Nurse Navigator Program extend to patients, physicians, and healthcare facilities. Medical facilities, including hospitals, can get overwhelmed with patients seeking emergency medical care when the injury or illness could be treated more effectively by a nurse or primary care physician instead. 

One of the most significant benefits is the time and cost savings that patients will experience after using the Aurora 911 Nurse Navigator Program. 

For many individuals, medical bills can quickly rack up after a 911 call. This is especially the case if an individual uses an ambulance to receive treatment at a hospital’s emergency room. By implementing a program that allows a 911 dispatcher to connect callers to a licensed nurse instead, many patients can see a significantly reduced cost of medical services. 

By avoiding a direct trip to the hospital after a 911 call, patients can also avoid long hours spent waiting in emergency room facilities. By freeing up these resources, hospitals can devote extra time and energy to patients who need urgent medical care the most. 

Why Was the Aurora Nurse Navigator Program Introduced?

The Aurora 911 Nurse Navigator Program was designed to more effectively meet the medical needs of individuals who contact 911. For many, an unexpected medical event often prompts a phone call to 911. Despite this, not all 911 calls warrant an immediate trip to the hospital.

This innovative program was designed to help connect patients who may be served better by nurses, primary care physicians, and other healthcare facilities instead.  

What Types of Incidents Will the Aurora911 Nurse Navigation Program Respond To? 

The Aurora 911 Nurse Navigator Program was designed to assist callers who are experiencing non-emergent injuries or illnesses.

These types of injuries and illnesses can include but are not limited to: 

  • Minor scratches or cuts
  • Injuries from a fall or accident 
  • Simple wounds
  • Sore throats and potential strep throat 
  • Follow-up care for a previously assessed injury or illness

What Types of Incidents Don’t Qualify for Nurse Navigation? 

With the specific mission of the Aurora 911 Nurse Navigator Program, there are some incidents that will not qualify for the program. City spokesman Michael Brannen shares with the local outlet, Centennial Colorado, that certain 911 phone calls will not qualify for transfer to the Nurse Navigator Program. These circumstances can include situations such as the following: 

  • Calls that indicate an immediate safety concern
  • Calls that indicate suspicious behavior or a crime
  • Calls placed by a third party
  • Calls that involve mental health issues

What Are the Costs of the Aurora911 Nurse Navigation Program? 

Utilizing the Aurora 911 Nurse Navigator Program comes at no cost to callers and community residents. The program is funded through the state’s Nurses in 911 Pilot Grant Program. 

Regardless of whether a caller utilizes the pilot program, they can still be held responsible for expenses they incur if they receive medical care. However, because of the nature of the program, these expenses will typically be much lower than the traditional method of contacting 911 and being transported to a hospital.

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