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Were you or a loved one harmed during a minimally invasive surgical procedure? The da Vinci Robotic Surgical System may be to blame.

In the year 2000, the FDA approved Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci Robot Surgical System for adult and pediatric use in minimally invasive procedures, including laparoscopic general, gynecological, and prostate procedures and thoracoscopic cardiovascular procedures. It may also be used for gastric bypass, thyroid and bladder surgeries. Intuitive claims the da Vinci Robot "simplifies many existing minimally invasive procedures" and "makes difficult operations routine."1

However, while Intuitive has been vigorously marketing the robot in an effort to increase sales, injury rates during routine procedures such as prostate and hysterectomy surgeries have been on the rise. Is there a connection between the introduction of the da Vinci robot into the medical mainstream and the increase in injuries during surgery? As reports of robotic surgery complications continue to mount, it certainly seems so. Researchers at Johns Hopkins recently discovered such a correlation during a study of robot-assisted surgery, finding that mortality rates during gynecological procedures such as hysterectomies are highest when the da Vinci surgical robot is used during the surgery.2 They also found it likely that complications during robot-assisted surgery are widely underreported. The FDA made a similar finding this year and issued a warning letter to Intuitive regarding its failure to properly report corrections to and/or removal of da Vinci robots.

Lawsuits have alleged that Intuitive has been running an aggressive sales campaign to push the robot onto hospitals around the country, yet provides inadequate instructions and training for the surgeons using the robot. Further allegations claim the da Vinci robot is responsible for serious and even life-threatening complications during surgery, including:

  • Severe bowel injuries
  • Tears and/or burns to the intestines
  • Cut Ureters
  • Cut and/or punctured blood vessels
  • Vaginal cuff dehiscence
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Death

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2. http://www.advisory.com/Daily-Briefing/2013/09/10/Study-Da-Vinci-complications-may-be-vastly-underreported

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