It’s A Typical Day at Work for 2 Denver Street School Teens

On Wednesday October 8, two teenage girls from the Denver Street School spent the day at Bachus & Schanker as a part of a “Job Observation” program to see what really happens at a law firm.

The girls had an opportunity to sit down with Mr. Kyle Bachus, a founding partner of the firm, to talk about the opportunities that college can provide, and how a law firm functions. They also spoke with other members of the firm including a paralegal, the medical records department, and the file clerk to open their eyes to the many different parts of a law firm that are all crucial for its success. The girls commented that there were many more jobs available than they previously thought.

The Denver Street School was founded in 1985 by Tom Tillapaugh to reach struggling students that have either dropped out or are being expelled from public schools. Data shows that nearly 50% of minority students are dropping out of high school, a statistic that jumps to 70% in America’s urban cores. In order to reach these children, the Denver Street School focuses on small class sizes, extra curricular activities, and counseling to help children break their negative habits and patterns and help to provide opportunities through and past high school.
We hope that both girls enjoyed their time at Bachus & Schanker. Mariah V., one of students, commented that what we do “seems cool” – despite the heavy reading load! Mr. Bachus also told both of the girls that we truly love what we do because it gives us an opportunity to help people.

Kelly McSparran
Intake Specialist