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Helping Teens Safely Navigate Daylight Saving Time

By Kyle Bachus | October 31, 2016

Daylight saving time officially ends on Sunday, November 6, 2016, at 2 am. This means Americans across most of the country will turn their clocks back by two hours, effectively losing two hours of sleep, leading to possibly the worst Monday of the year. Besides causing a few groggy days at school or work, daylight…

Halloween Safety Tips for Colorado Teens

By Kyle Bachus | October 21, 2016

Halloween is supposed to be spooky for kids, but some parents of teenagers might be equally scared of the looming holiday. A study by Safe Kids Worldwide found that only one-third of parents talk to their kids annually about Halloween, although three-quarters have fears about Halloween safety. Groups of teens are known for getting into…

Safe Family Fall Activities in Colorado

By Kyle Bachus | October 13, 2016

Another year has almost come to an end, meaning that we’ve made it through the dreadful, sweaty summer months. The leaves are changing, the school year is in full swing, and the weather is finally getting cooler. November in Colorado is a great time to take advantage of the crisp fall air, bundle up with…

This Football Season, Protect Your Kids with Safe Helmets

By Kyle Bachus | October 5, 2016

Football season has already kicked off. Whether you scream at the TV for your Denver Broncos on Sundays, or cheer on the sidelines of your child’s football games, it’s easy to get emotionally invested in one of America’s favorite sports. Football has become as much of a fall tradition as pumpkin spice. However, it’s no…

Hike Safely In Colorado This Fall

By Kyle Bachus | September 30, 2016

As summer comes to a close and the leaves start changing colors, the holiday season is almost upon us—but hiking season isn’t over. Don’t forget about all of the great hiking trails Colorado has to offer—not just during the summer, but during all seasons. Hiking is a perfect way to exercise while spending time with…

Walk This Way: Pedestrian Safety in Denver

By Kyle Bachus | September 15, 2016

Denver is one of the most walkable cities in the country, with very accessible public transportation like light rails and busses. Walkability, or the measurement of how easy it is for residents to walk to grocery stores, restaurants, etc., can have huge effects on health. People who live in walkable neighborhoods typically weigh about eight…

How to Deal with an Uninsured Motorist Accident

By Kyle Bachus | September 7, 2016

You’re driving home after a long day of work, thinking about what you’re going to do about dinner. You brake at a stop sign, look around for any oncoming drivers, then slowly keep moving. WHAM! A car speeds past its stop sign and slams into the side of your car. Minutes later, you find out…

Drive High, Maybe Get a DUI?

By Kyle Bachus | September 2, 2016

In 2013, Colorado adopted its 64th state amendment, legalizing the medicinal, industrial, and recreational use of marijuana. The decision has led to increased tax and fee revenue for the state—over $135 million in 2015. While there are pros and cons to the new legislation, one thing is proving difficult for both police officers and Colorado…

Back-to-School Safety for Your Little Ones

By Kyle Bachus | August 23, 2016

Summer has come to an end and that means the kids are soon heading back to school. Every parent knows the feeling of sending their little ones to school, only to worry about whether they are healthy, happy and coping well. Here are five ways to take the worry out of being a school parent…

When do you really need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

By Kyle Bachus | August 17, 2016

It can be hard to know which injuries warrant contacting a personal injury lawyer. Not every case requires an attorney, and some cases can even be handled on your own in Small Claims Court—but personal injury lawyers can handle a wide variety of situations. Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or bitten by…

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