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Over $900 Million Recovered. No Upfront Fee.

Over $900 Million Recovered.
No Upfront Fee.

Consultation is Free | No hourly fees | No upfront expenses | Only Pay When We Win

Consultation is Free | No hourly fees
No upfront expenses | Only Pay When We Win Bachus & Schanker credentials and awards Bachus & Schanker credentials and awards

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Wrongful Termination Attorneys in Colorado Springs

Even though Colorado is an at-will employment state, there are important exceptions. If you’re the victim of unlawful dismissal, our Colorado Springs wrongful termination attorneys can help you assert your rights. You are not alone in your fight for justice after a wrongful termination.

Colorado Springs Wrongful Termination Statute of Limitations

The Colorado Springs wrongful termination statute of limitations for discrimination is 180 days with the Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEOC) and 300 days with the Colorado Department of Civil Rights. If you have an employment contract or you’re part of a union, the time to take action may be shorter.

Once you have a determination from a government investigation, you have only 90 days to initiate the civil claim. It’s crucial to involve a Colorado Springs wrongful termination attorney as quickly as possible in order to meet the statute of limitations and advance the claim.

Colorado Employee Rights and Wrongful Termination

Being the victim of wrongful termination can result in significant fallout. The person may be unable to pay their bills. They may miss out on important benefits like health insurance. Mental anguish and emotional suffering can be significant. The victim knows that they have been mistreated, and the entire situation can be frustrating.

The victim must assert employee rights. A victim has the right to have the assistance of an attorney. The victim may pursue the case through an EEOC or Colorado Department of Civil Rights investigation. They may pursue their claim in court or take both actions. The purpose of pursuing action is to restore the victim to the position they might have been in if they hadn’t been the victim of wrongful termination. A claim may also result in changes that prevent wrongful actions in the future.

Colorado Springs Wrongful Termination Attorneys Free Consultation

If you need legal representation because of a situation at work, contact our wrongful termination attorneys today for your free consultation. Our team seeks justice for individuals who are hurt because of the illegal actions of their employers. You may deserve financial compensation, but you must work quickly to assert your claim. 

Contact us today for your no-obligation case evaluation. Justice is our passion, and our lawyers are ready to fight for you.

Can You Sue for Wrongful Termination in Colorado? Collapse

Yes, you can sue for wrongful termination in Colorado. State law gives victims the right to claim financial damages and other relief because of the employer’s illegal actions. The law creates a number of different situations that qualify as wrongful termination to give the victim the right to make a claim.

What Qualifies As Wrongful Termination? Expand

Examples of situations that may qualify as wrongful termination include:

  • Basing a termination on race, national origin, ancestry or color
  • Failing to make reasonable accommodation for a disability or religious practice
  • Retaliating against someone for reporting discrimination
  • Not allowing someone to participate in a protected activity like jury duty
  • Adverse action for filing a workers’ compensation claim
  • Breach of an employment contract or union agreement
  • Refusing reasonable accommodation for pregnancy and childbirth
  • Gender discrimination or placing disparate requirements on a single gender that result in termination
  • Hostile work environment

Wrongful termination occurs when someone is let go from their job based on a protected characteristic. Even though Colorado is an at-will employment state, it’s still illegal for an employer to make decisions based on race, religion, disability, sex and the like. If a decision is based on one of these characteristics, it may qualify as wrongful termination.

Is Wrongful Termination Hard to Prove? Expand

Wrongful termination is hard to prove in that it often involves complex and detailed facts. Witness testimony may be critical, and it depends on effectively soliciting the right information. Discovery of records from the employer is also important.

Proving a case for wrongful termination requires careful attention to detail and development of the facts. With diligent case preparation, it can be verified, and the victim may receive the compensation they deserve.

What Is a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Worth? Expand

A wrongful termination lawsuit is worth the damages suffered by the victim. The claim may include the value of:

  • Lost pay
  • Tips, bonuses and incentive payments
  • Perks
  • Health insurance and medical bills from a lack of health insurance
  • Missed opportunities for benefits of promotions
  • Mental anguish/Emotional damages
  • Cost of a new job search
  • Punitive damages

The purpose of damages is to make you whole for the losses that you have suffered. A lawsuit cannot undo the emotional suffering that you have endured. However, it can provide a measure of justice and place a value on the losses that the victim has incurred.

The Best Wrongful Termination Attorneys for You in Colorado Springs Expand

If you’re looking for the best wrongful termination attorneys in Colorado Springs, we invite you to contact the attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, LLC. Here are some of the services that we may provide in an employment case:

  • Investigation to determine if the firing was lawful
  • Contacting witnesses and questioning them effectively
  • Taking action to demand information when witnesses are uncooperative
  • Analysis of whether a hostile work environment exists
  • Assistance with timely and complete reports to investigatory agencies
  • Informed guidance about pursuing the case and what the victim must do to be successful
  • Information about the approximate value of the case
  • Building evidence
  • Filing the legal claim 
  • Advancing legal arguments
  • Conducting trials and hearings

Our Colorado Springs wrongful termination attorneys offer complete services to guide victims through the compensation process. Legal strategy, court procedure and informed legal counsel are the keys to our success. We also believe that open communication and availability throughout the case are essential to know the legal system is working for you.



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