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More than 800 clients have reviewed us on Google and Facebook. Read the most recent reviews from our clients on this page. If you’d rather watch videos from our clients, you can use this link to jump to client testimonials on video.

I have been working with Connie a representative of Bachus & Schanker . I’m very pleased with how my case is being handled and how I’ve been informed of everything along the way. This has been very pleasant compared to a similar situation I experienced previously .

Debby Fox

Great service an also helpfull

Beckie Keithly

I was lost and didn’t know where to go or who to turn to like most people when you need advise from a good attorney. My experience with Bachus & Schanker has been great! If you need any help and assistance with getting questions answered and what to do, I highly recommend these guys. There’s no cost to you and it’s a free consultation. Everywhere else wanted money up front. I want to thank personally, Christina Hayes, Joanna Soto, Chris Wright and Connie Salm who has dedicated their professionalism, hard work and due diligence in my case. All of them treated me like family and not just a client. That’s what you want when you need an attorney!! Thank you all for your dedication guys! I appreciate what you all do.

Molly M

When I got into a car accident and got hurt, it was the absolute worst thing to happen to me at that time. With 3 kids and bills to pay I felt so hopeless. The other person's insurance treated ME like a criminal, I knew I was going to need help. A good friend suggested Bachus & Schanker LLC. I called them that day.
They sent someone to my home to visit with me and listen to my story. That day they accepted my case and went straight to work.
They got me in to see doctors in my area and a chiropractor, with no out of pocket payment from me. This was exactly what I needed because I would have gone completely untreated otherwise!
They were kind and fast with their response time to me every time I called for any reason. They got in touch with the other person’s insurance and made sure that I was as taken care of as possible through that time.
I cannot be more relieved and grateful that I had them on my side through this.
My direct lawyer, Ben Kennedy, was not only super kind to me but is still fighting for me on some of the things that he knew were not right! He is an asset to the firm. He is a truly wonderful person and that is what makes him so great!
He was my Angel through almost all of this!
Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

Heather Deacon

I’m extremely pleased with the service than Bachus and Schanker offer us.
I want to thank specially Jenny Mitchell, she was so professional, she took all the time to explain everything in detail for us.
That’s why my husband and I decided to work with this firm.
Jenny was always so helpful and she cares about her clients.
We highly recommended this firm.
Thank you!

Jessica Dleon chavez

I am extremely pleased with my outcome of my case. Maureen and Julia were exceptional. They answered all my concerns, were very professional, accurate and caring about my case. Also, Kyle Bachus personally took the time to explain everything in detail to me. I recommend this firm and would definitely use them again.


Very easy to work with. Great service.

Kim Hatfield Kapusta

I got great treatment and attention from the Bachus and Shanker team working on my case. I appreciated everything they did.

Peggy Cook

Each time I asked for a status report on my case, you were quick to respond. The records of your constant contact with the insurance company was impressive! I couldn't have been happier with your representation for me and obviously was happy with the results! Thank you so much.

Sherry Case
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We’ve successfully won more personal injury cases in the past two years than any other law firm in Colorado. More than 40 of our clients agreed to share on video their personal injury stories and how we helped them.