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More than 800 clients have reviewed us on Google and Facebook. Read the most recent reviews from our clients on this page. If you’d rather watch videos from our clients, you can use this link to jump to client testimonials on video.

So I dealt with Justin Mosery the whole time and he always kept me up to date. No lapses on information and always made sure I knew what was going on with my case. I would definitely recommend this office and Justin personally. Took a little longer than expected but in the end everything turned out as I hoped.

Amber Edens

Ryan S and his team work on my case for about a year and a half and made the process so easy. I was always kept informed and knew where we were at in the case. They definitely had my best interest in mind with the whole process! High recommend

Christopher Lathrop

Thank you to your firm for helping me with my post accident help. Raven was very professional, polite, and seemed to be genuinely concerned about my accident when I spoke to her at my intake. She explained herself very well and was clear with the next steps in the process. After speaking with her she said I'll be hearing from Desiree Duran, and she promptly contacted me soon afterwards and has been great to deal with also. It has been comforting to know that they both are professionals there to help me. Thank you

Phil Medina

I worked with Kyle and James for my Workman Comp claim and I was so impressed with the care and concern they gave me. James was and is amazing. He always responded to my emails quickly, answered all of my questions and was so clear on what I should expect. They settled my claim quickly and professionally. If I ever need legal help again in the future I will call them right away!

Dana Stahl

After using the attorney in a car accident and them working so diligently on my case as well as my brothers Elena Martinez recommended me to put an application and work with them which I did for a little over a year. I gained great knowledge and all of the attorneys were always so helpful and available to speak to even the partners. Now I am using them on an employment case. Thank you to Elena for allowing me to see them as not only a customer but an employee as well.

Avilene De Luna

I work with the Executive Litigation Manager Jennifer Dougherty regularly from Bachus and Schanker. She is one of the most professional, responsive, and reliable person that I know. It's always a great experience working with her; she is truly an exemplary representative of the firm!

Marika Fama

Recently, I incurred the headache of having to take a neighbor to small claims court after their negligence damaged my property. After the defendant lawyered up, I decided to seek counsel myself. I was referred to Mr. Quisenberry by a close friend and consider myself immensely fortunate to have found him. Andrew is extremely thorough, concise, and professional. He communicates well and responded to all of my questions and concerns pretty immediately, day or night. Regarding the nature of my case, Andrew was very empathetic and passionate towards seeking justice for me. With this being my first (and let's hope only) foray into the legal world, I felt pretty anxious and uncomfortable with what to expect. Andrew always put me at ease and his calm demeanor helped me feel confident. I had briefly spoken with a couple other attorneys asking advice on my case, before finding Andrew, and I can say with certainty that they would not have been a good fit. Some attorneys can have a clipped and brisk attitude or demeanor, but with Andrew I always felt heard. I truly felt like he cared about the outcome of my case and it meant alot to me to know I had someone in my corner during what would normally be a pretty stressful time. I highly recommend Andrew Quisenberry for anyone needing legal representation or counsel.

Julie Bauer

so happy with the work ryan did on my case very nice person he updated every time he had good news on my case thank you so much bachus and schanker

Janet Chavarria
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We’ve successfully won more personal injury cases in the past two years than any other law firm in Colorado. More than 40 of our clients agreed to share on video their personal injury stories and how we helped them.